Saturday, March 30, 2013

Favorite First Date Hair Tutorials

 photo date-hair-tutorials_zps30f08563.jpg
images via the beauty department and pinterest

Just as important as everything else for that very first date is your hair! Today's collection of favorite tutorials are all about having that lush touchable hair guys crave so much! and what do guys like? The Beauty department got it right, it's all about having natural polished and pretty looks, so basics rule! Key to that perfect date hair is to make the hair look touchable and soft to give him that "hmmm I want to run my hands through your hair" feel! 


1) Blow Dry Basics

For a perfect Natural polished and most of all pretty look the Beauty Department comes with a perfect Blow Dry tutorial!

 photo blowdrybasics-1_zps64e03e10.jpg

2) Half and Half

A simple half pony tail looks both pretty and sweet and adds somewhat of a playful touch to your hair and flirting hair is what we want! I like to work with everythingfab's tutorial to get the perfect date look, do keep in mind to tone down on the teasing to keep the look basic and natural!

 photo halfandhalf_zpsa360786a.jpg

3) Simple Pony Tail

A simple ponytail is perfect for a sporty, playful and spontaneous look! Give this basic something extra by curling your hair and use some gloss for some bounce and polish! Also when using this tutorial, tone down on the teasing and the beehive to keep the look natural and basic.
 photo TBDoldfashionedponytail1_zps87169736.jpg

4) Pretty Bouncy locks

The curly hair in this tutorial is pretty and natural! Beautiful bouncy locks while keeping the hair touchable and as soft as possible! A must see!

5) Side Swept

There aren't a lot of tutorials on side-swept bangs while side swept locks in both wavy as well as in  straight hair are a first date hair must perfect for adding just a bit of a flirting finish to a simple look!

 photo cocorosa-hairtutorial-19_zpsba9a427b.jpg


Friday, March 29, 2013

OUTFIT: Neon, Sheer and Black

 photo cocorosa-neonandblack-7_zps7b34e7d5.jpg
My latest Fashion plaything is sportwear Chic, adding sport details to outfits like the neon Nike's and sports bra, playing with the sheer top and sculptured details like in the Alexander Wang blazer, adding the Misbhv Gang tote was just a finishing touch.

Ever since working together on the Perrier Jouet campaign me and Lucy have been hanging out more, taking photos together! We however totally underestimated the cold weather though and it's icy wind, especially it's icy cold wind! ohhh and I'm trying to convince Lucy to wear her Neon Yellow Nike's  for a Nike Neon double take ;)

I'm wearing; Alexander Wang Blazer, H&M trend sheer top, H&M neon sports bra, Miss Selfridge Shorts, H&M tights, Misbhv Gang tote, neon Nike Oceania

photos taken by Lovely by Lucy

 photo cocorosa-neonandblack-2_zps3e01f1f6.jpg  photo cocorosa-neonandblack-4_zpsee8789db.jpg  photo cocorosa-neonandblack-5_zpse7515bd0.jpg  photo cocorosa-neonandblack-1_zpsf1088191.jpg


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Perrier-Jouët "The Enchanting Tree"

 photo cocorosa-Perrier-Jouet-enchantingtree-1_zpsfeb1c56a.jpg

I was asked by Perrier-Jouët to capture my enchanting moment for the launch of Perrier-Jouët's "The Enchanting Tree", a surprising enchanting champagne experience to match the prestige champagne "the Belle Epoque cuvee 2004". The designer Tord Boontje, captivated by the changing seasons in the vineyard, has reinterpreted nature light-heartedly to create a beautiful champagne tree and gorgeous delicate flutes.

For this occasion, Perrier-Jouët organizes an alluring Instagram contest thanks to which you can win the Enchanting Tree and a bottle of Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque 2004 just by sharing your own delightful moment with Perrier-Jouët Champagne!

 photo cocorosa-Perrier-Jouet-enchantingtree-3_zpsc73b6c11.jpg


For me enchanting moments are in days like today, the early days of Spring where I'm catching the scents of freshly mowed grass, delicate flowers and vanilla. Where it feels like the sun magically comes trough for the very first time and captures everything in a soft beautiful golden glow and where I just wake up happy. Nothing is more beautiful than sharing these moments with my friends, friends like Lucy. I was so happy to be able to share and capture my alluring time with her over a delicious glass of Belle Epoque Champagne. A delight toast to more beautiful eras!


Just like me, be part of this new Perrier-Jourët enchanting experience. Take a picture of you and your friends on your most elegant and artistic moment with some Perrier-Jouët champagne (that you can find at Harrods, Selfridges or Harvey Nichols). Share it on Instagram with the hashtags #Myalluringchampagne #Enchantingtree #Cocorosa before April 17th, 2013 and get a chance to be one of my favorites. The most beautiful picture will receive the Enchanting Tree and a bottle of Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque 2004, and, for my second and third choices, they will get a set of Perrier-Jouët flutes... be careful: to participate, you need to be over 25 and to live in the UK!
ps. get inspired my the latest submissions here

Looking forward to seeing your masterpieces!
See, herewith, the Terms and Conditions: LINK

 photo cocorosa-Perrier-Jouet-enchantingtree-7_zpsf804f9a1.jpg  photo cocorosa-Perrier-Jouet-enchantingtree-13_zps10f1b44d.jpg  photo cocorosa-Perrier-Jouet-enchantingtree-9_zps85cb0368.jpg  photo cocorosa-Perrier-Jouet-enchantingtree-8_zpsb31fc99f.jpg  photo cocorosa-Perrier-Jouet-enchantingtree-15_zps06f9dcdf.jpg  photo cocorosa-Perrier-Jouet-enchantingtree-14_zps0a67d357.jpg  photo cocorosa-Perrier-Jouet-enchantingtree-16_zps9b8e3539.jpg  photo cocorosa-Perrier-Jouet-enchantingtree-2_zps5fbf6dbe.jpg  photo cocorosa-Perrier-Jouet-enchantingtree-6_zps74876490.jpg  photo cocorosa-Perrier-Jouet-enchantingtree-17_zps0173c9aa.jpg  photo cocorosa-Perrier-Jouet-enchantingtree-11_zpsc0c57ed6.jpg
Enjoy Perrier-Jouët Responsibly:
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Monday, March 25, 2013

Neon Nike's

 photo neonnike-1_zps135504d6.jpg
photos by Lucy

I do love to crush on some pink and lately it has been a Neon Pink crush, I really think they would match fab with pastels and whites and are totally smashing with black! I love that Nike calls it hot punch/white storm pink which makes me think about some kind of yummie Summer Punch! 

ps. Wednesday's Post will be super exited, I have been working on it for the past week so I can't wait to share!!

 photo neonnike-9_zps8c5c575a.jpg  photo neonnike-8_zpseff47faa.jpg  photo neonnike-6_zps17283894.jpg  photo neonnike-5_zpsb14ecfe0.jpg


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Favorite Home Decor tutorials {hello Spring-time}

 photo springtutorials-1_zps0363966d.jpg
images via pinterest

Most of us are already getting Spring ready and so are our wardrobes! Why not our homes too? I love Home decor and love the various tutorials and amazing DIYs. I thought today would be the perfect day  to show you my favorite Spring Home Decor tutorials for getting interior Spring ready (to match that new seasons wardrobe of course)

1) Vintage Jars and Painted Bottles

Two amazing tutorials on vintage jars and painted bottles for a perfect Spring starter! I just love all these white bottles so much!

 photo bottle3w_zpsc6b5f657.jpg  photo mason16_zpse9e98091.jpg

2) Decorative Labeling

Who doesn't love labeling? Remember these? Only a label-device is needed and you can make cute labels for everything!

 photo Dymo1_zps0ed72461.jpg

3) Flower and Fern Monograms

How amazing and Spring-like are these monograms?

 photo diy-breath-monogram-tutorial-1_zpsf776148b.jpg

4) Lightbulbs as mini terrariums

I love this so much! The instructions lead to a perfect how-to on how to hollow out a lightbulb!

 photo FPR07D9G23UX4NC_zpsba4fd6bb.jpg

5) Origami Cranes

How amazing is a hanging mobile made out of origami cranes? Fold away!

 photo 5009850452_zps2400850f.jpg

6) Light Paper Pendant Garland

Spring means it will soon be time for amazing outdoor get togethers!

 photo 5_zpsaf28aeef.jpg

7) Cupcake Wrapper Garland

Who knew wrappers would make such a sweet decoration? I love the light and airy feel and uhm yes cupcakes.

 photo ocp_garland_tutorial2-3_zps58620473.jpg

8) Paper Dogwood Flowers

The paper flowers and leaves on the branch give such an unexpected feel, such a nice (and longer lasting) Spring feel!

 photo mld10545942438_0410_paperflowers_vert_zps58ad1c79.jpg

9) Rocket Garland

This is such a Baby-Boy thing but I can't help really loving it! And you can always change the Rockets for something else ;)

 photo paper-garland-tutorial-cut-paper-garland-space-garland-scandinavian-design-for-children_zps11217343.jpg


Friday, March 22, 2013

New Gems

 photo mangonecklaces-1_zps9a677ad6.jpg

Found these new gems in the Mango the other day. I'm very picky when it comes to jewelry and necklaces but these two just caught my eyes immediately! I think they will fit right in with my sheer, white and gold hued wardrobe!

 photo mangonecklaces-6_zps682b0dc0.jpg  photo mangonecklaces-7_zps4cb7ddd4.jpg


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

In Between

 photo inbetweenshoes-1_zpsc3169e0f.jpg

New In Between Wedge Booties from Solestruck! The brand In Between is a fairly new brand and the boots are way more edgy then I usually wear but edgy can be good especially when combined with pretty pretty things ;)

 photo inbetweenshoes-2_zps982e54f6.jpg


Monday, March 18, 2013

OUTFIT: the Trench Robe


The Zara long length Trench coat was love at first sight, I like to call it my Trench Robe because while constructed it somehow has a out-of-bed or better stay-in-bed feel to it, but maybe that's just me ;) The Zara shoes are a winner too! I hardly ever by mid-heels but these are just perfect in every way and so comfortable to walk on!

wearing: Zara Flowing Trench Robe, Zara mid heel ankle strap shoes

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