Friday, January 31, 2014

Behind the Scenes

 photo cocorosa-frendsandinkkas-2_zps0fa87c25.jpg

Some behind the scenes snaps after a photo shoot in Amsterdam a while back where I changed back into my own daily outfit. I dressed for being on the go, my Inkkas sneakers, Frends headphones (for in the train) jeans and a comfi sweater. The jeans ended up being not the smartest item to wear to a photo shoot since they require the familiar skinny jeans struggle, pulling and wrestling to get out of them but they did make for some great laughs :)

wearing: H&M trend white sweater, Zara white jeans, Inkkas sneakers, Frends Taylor headphones

 photo cocorosa-frendsandinkkas-1_zps5f1ccd05.jpg  photo cocorosa-frendsandinkkas-5_zps6d5969f1.jpg  photo cocorosa-frendsandinkkas-4_zps0f977905.jpg

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lovely Links & Things

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Lovely links and things on my mind right now!

1) Paris Couture Streetstyle, Loving those delicious Chanel perfume clutches so much!

2) Spot on Nails, Loving Ivania's inspiring manicure!

3) MIISTA Jayda, Loving Miista's lucite heels in three colors, black, bronze and white silver.

4) Perfect Pooch, Loving Modcloth's puppy dog toiletry bag.

5) Relaxed Triple Braid, Loving Emily's gorgeous tutorial. (p.s more braid tutorials here)

6) Iphoria, Loving Iphoria's Collection Vernis, Kitty and Collection Parfum Iphone cases!

7) Célfie, I just can't get enough of Sincerely Jules Celfie tee!

8) Modern Vice Ghillie Heels, As seen on Tuula, Modern Vice Ghillie heels!

9) Hair Galore, Loving Collage Vintage's hair inspiration post!

10) Grumpy Cat Sweater, Loving this not so Grumpy sweater!

11) Oh Valentino, What about a Valentino for Valentine?

Monday, January 27, 2014

Aqua Essentials

 photo cocorosa-leaterandmiista-6_zps2b146032.jpg

I think I will never get tired of pastel, black leather and miista combinations! Really high on my wishlist is a perfect moto jacket with a more boxy androgynous fit to offset the prettyness of the pastels like these from IRO, Marc Jacobs and 3.1 Phillip Lim because although I really love the studded biker I'm wearing I do think the fitted shape, soft leather and studs take away from the sleek trousers and blouse, so maybe saving up for a perfect leather basic might be worth it.

photos by Suz

Miista Jayda heels, H&M Trend trousers, Marc Jacobs blouse, Zara leather jacket, vintage Chanel 

 photo cocorosa-leaterandmiista-4_zps68727ffd.jpg  photo cocorosa-leaterandmiista-1_zps0b607f3d.jpg

Saturday, January 25, 2014

TOP 10 Fashion Blogger Networks

 photo nowmanifest-fashiontoast_zps24f5835d.jpg
photo: Nowmanifest's FashionToast

It's weekend and time for another Fashion Blogger Top 10! Today we look at the Fashion Blogger Networks, many of you will know Networks like Nowmanifest, Freshnet and Fellt hosting many of our favorite blogs but there are many many Networks with amazing blogs and some of them might still need some discovering. For many bloggers joining a Network means a steady paycheck, extra opportunities and a great way to gain a new following but that really differs per blog since experiences with joining these platforms really vary and we see a lot of blogs opting out after a significant grow. Nowmanifest really seems to be a bundling of influence and force while some other Platforms collect their portfolio on new and up-coming blogs, creativity or style. One thing is for sure, these powerful networks cater to the collective needs of these blogs as well to their readers with easy lay-outs, interfaces and of course a way to discover new blogs!



The biggest and most known Fashion network must be Nowmanifest, hosting power bloggers Fashiontoast, Elin Kling, Bryan Boy, Sea of Shoes and Style Bubble.
 photo nowmanifest_zps76389977.jpg  photo Elin-1-700x695_zps8e39bbe6.jpg  photo leaningi_zps45462377.jpg  photo Instaa_zps52d6c7f4.jpg  photo 11795328356_9e42f2757d_o_zps18f887c7.jpg  photo 6a00e5508e95a98833019b016c67ce970b-800wi_zpsce8a7e7c.jpg


Another very well known Fashion Blogger Network is Freshnet, hosting bloggers like Fashion Squad, Columbine and Blame it on Fashion.

 photo Freshnet_zpsf66314f2.jpg  photo camel-coat-and-leather-pants-via-fashionsquad_zpseae331f7.jpg  photo 22jan_zps46904682.jpg  photo 13_08012014_zps3ae09a46.jpg


Known for having previously hosted Australian beauties Tuula and Gary Pepper Fellt is still home to bloggers like Zanita, Shine by Three and Oracle Fox.

 photo FELLT_zps99395ad4.jpg  photo Outfit-53e_zps480bd0ed.jpg  photo MargaretZang-5_zps54441e92.jpg  photo Bris-Turtleneck-White-Oracle-Fox2_zps7cc74569.jpg


Home to Swedish beauties like Victoria Tornegren, Fanny Lyckman and Lisa Olsson.

 photo IMNEXT_zpsb2970c13.jpg  photo vv13_zpsde80b4f6.jpg  photo IMG_15301_zpsc2bcf97b.jpg  photo FannyLyckman-Bedtime66-PS1_zps65580b39.jpg


This Dutch network is home to a mix of amazing Dutch and International bloggers like BillieRose, Cocochic and Anna Rike.

 photo creatorsofdesire_zps0ef57cfc.jpg  photo c34f7e16ba0a584c80bb158dd89e5cac_zpsf1396f51.jpg  photo ee2c357dadca77e22d15be21b17ca443_zpsbae1eb86.jpg  photo d64392dc0fec6e6c21655d359d404bb7_zps8e3ab4b5.jpg


A Danish Network mostly known for bloggers like ClamourforGlamour, Rikke Kroger and the Insider.

 photo looklab_zps395cc5f0.jpg  photo ll4690jpgpagespeedcexgdSTOCW3Y_zps8c0f9dec.jpg  photo 25januar3jpgpagespeedcepyT8Zb-r7i_zpsb631c28a.jpg  photo LAEligDERLEGGINGS_zps67ab9db8.jpg


We love the Rodeo network, hosting bloggers like the amazing Maria van Nguyen and Wadood.

 photo rodeo_zps375278e8.jpg  photo 4kb3_zpse48cd073.jpg  photo 527A9087_zps177e2c3e.jpg


Another network we really adore, Projection hosts bloggers like Sophie Frick, Djamila and Memel.

 photo projection_zpsc090ab16.jpg  photo DSC_0397-1024x680_zpsd9aee7db.jpg  photo 20131227-145150_zps48a3f85c.jpg  photo 1005779_10151560134597636_804432672_n_zps61b77fb7.jpg

9) THE

We became big fans of the Liquorstore and it's bloggers! Meet Tabitha, Maud, Maria and many more!

 photo theliquorstore_zps022aa586.jpg  photo _IGP01471_zps400b8db7.jpg  photo 9350089442_a799545baa_z_zps74f3dc63.jpg  photo emo_zps94506f0f.png


A network we just discovered, Sensate brings us blogs like Fashionmugging and Just Another Fashion Blog.

 photo sensateblogs_zpsd5bdb3ab.jpg  photo redchair6_zpsf4f1bbec.jpg  photo 1901201411_zpsc006ae1b.jpg


Blog and the City brings us Style Limelight from London, Chaloth from Stockholm and Toa of Sophia from Amsterdam!

 photo BATCSINTERNALS_zps30fe0dca.jpg  photo 140124-3_zpsafe1c7f3.jpg  photo style-limelight_zpsfb79a88c.jpg  photo tao-of-sophia34_zps3d686f12.jpg


Last but absolutely not least in this list is What's Trend and it's amazing bloggers like ModeRosa, Fashion Nerdic and Mode Junkie!
 photo whatstrend_zps7f9cca74.jpg  photo 1390251316Afbeelding-16_zps45db2299.jpg  photo 1373865512IMG_9378-Kopie_result_zps997a259d.jpg  photo 1381072372outfitleatherblazer_zps3beefbda.jpg