Wednesday, January 8, 2014

When I was in Italy

 photo cocorosa-goldinitaly-1_zps1820e777.jpg

Everything in Italy is just gorgeous, the food, architecture, fashion, ice cream, just everything! I cherish these photos so much so maybe that's why I waited for the right time to post them. It also reminds me how easily I wear the same items in all seasons since my gold skirt is now on heavy Winter duty with black tights and a white mohair jumper, so basically the same look but made Winter ready. I'm waiting for new heels to come in that will be the most perfect update to these Zara heels ;)

wearing: H&M Trend top, Miss Selfridges Skirt, Mango necklace, Zara heels

 photo cocorosa-goldinitaly-4_zps88bd9f9c.jpg  photo cocorosa-goldinitaly-6_zps81278bb6.jpg  photo cocorosa-goldinitaly-3_zpsecbca152.jpg  photo cocorosa-goldinitaly-16_zpsed556c2d.jpg  photo cocorosa-goldinitaly-14_zpsc3fd1f7d.jpg  photo cocorosa-goldinitaly-7_zps22b89639.jpg  photo cocorosa-goldinitaly-10_zpsbb3f3733.jpg  photo cocorosa-goldinitaly-12_zpsffc683f8.jpg  photo cocorosa-goldinitaly-5_zps37cc5038.jpg

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