Friday, August 30, 2013

Flaming Gold Leaves

 photo leafheels-1_zps47e3e331.jpg

My new Goddess heels! These Giuseppe Zanotti look-a-likes are from Choies! They are incredibly high! High heels for advanced because walking on them became a balancing act, but hey, they look amazing!

photos by Suz

 photo leafheels-2_zps7adf7774.jpg


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dark Romance

 photo zaracushions_zpsd0f69352.jpg 
Cushions via Zara Home

I love adding some subtle Dark Romance in Home Decor! These Baroque painting Cushions are such beauties! Oh and you can totally convert the cushion cover as a (folded) clutch too ;)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Leather Jacket and Slit up skirt

 photo muubaaandwhite-1_zps13c72c1e.jpg

The beauty of this long length slit up skirt (with the slits on the sides) lies in the movement, nothing is more gorgeous and exiting then the skirt floating and flapping around you when walking! The Muubaa redwood/oxblood ombre jacket works so beautifully with white colors and with boots and heels!

wearing: Zara skirt, Muubaa leather jacket, H&M trend top, H&M cuff, Urban Outfitters ring

photos taken by Suz

 photo muubaaandwhite-6_zps7df9d0e2.jpg  photo muubaaandwhite-7_zpsa2b1c1bb.jpg  photo muubaaandwhite-11_zpsa7186e9a.jpg  photo muubaaandwhite-8_zpsc2221009.jpg  photo muubaaandwhite-2_zps334407c1.jpg  photo muubaaandwhite-3_zps9d4038f9.jpg  photo muubaaandwhite-4_zpsb38560c1.jpg  photo muubaaandwhite-10_zps5d44860f.jpg

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Favorite Fall hair tutorials

 photo date-hair-tutorials_zps1a011cd0.jpgimages via the beauty department and pinterest

I'm already getting ready for this coming Fall and have started to collect my favorite Hair Tutorials perfect for the season! Braided buns, Bouncy ponytails, Glossy locks, fishtails and some glamorous waves are perfect for Fall's darker oxblood colors and go perfect with a bit of Goth Glam!

1) Braided Updo

Braided Buns and Updo's are perfect for Fall! 


 photo a05e55a61fe99528a4c2a0359fc62b46_zpse12809c1.jpg

2) Backward braided bun

Lynette has an amazing pinterest board (hairpictorial) and made this Updo for her best friend!
Giving a few simple directions for her tutorial:

This is a backward braided bun. Thought you all gonna love it, Here a simple instruction :- 1) Head upside-down and section hair from the back of the neck into three half-inch pieces. 2) Start with French braid from the back of your neck. 3) Keep adding sections until the top of your head. 4) Tie off the braid and twist it into a bun. Done!

 photo d984f2838c024352745e362cddf2dc76_zpsc5889d01.jpg

3) Glamorous Hair

Sometimes Summer hair will be actually perfect Fall season hair! Lucky Magazine created perfect glamorous hair tutorials that will work beautifully with Fall's dark colors! (think dark nail polishes and dark lipsticks!)

 photo 066_zps439b820f.jpg

 photo 069_zpsf4253217.jpg

4) Favorite Date Hair tutorials

Bouncy ponytails and glossy bouncy looks are not only perfect for 1st dates but are perfect for the Fall and back-to-school season too!

 photo date-hair-tutorials_zps1a011cd0.jpg

5) Favorite Fishtail Braids

The art of creating amazing fishtail braids seems to be an art on its own but totally fall-season worthy!

 photo fishtailandwaterfallbraids-1_zps454bfcd2.jpg

6) Sexy Hair

Big bouncy hair and lush Half and Half Updo's are perfect for fall, I love these tutorials for this coming Fall season for creating beautiful volume!

 photo popular-hairstyles-from-pinterest_zpsc2c28086.jpg


Friday, August 23, 2013


 photo jordan_makarof_style_heroine_PRS13_zps50322b9f.jpg
photos via Styleheroine

There are so many bloggers I love and for different reasons, I think most of you know Evangelie, the blogger behind Styleheroine and for those who don't I hope you will fall in love with this blog as much as I do! Evangelie is point on when it comes to accessories and strong seasonal statements like her Burgundy look. Accessories like the gold polarized glasses, bunny ears and vast collection of shoes and bags! A deep red leopard printed bag? It couldn't be a more perfect highlight and splurge for this coming fall, same with the gold polarized glasses which are the creme de la creme when it comes to the polarized trend! Styleheroine reads like more then a blog and her accessory finds read like perfect handpicked seasonal highlights!

 photo jordan_makarof_styleheroine_SP13_zps1fa86ad5.jpg  photo MG_8819_zpsfe387dad.jpg  photo 301733_zps12fbc402.jpg  photo Untitled-2_zpsc39b27b8.jpg

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

London StreetStyle by Alice Point

 photo 8918510004_a639c872a9_o_zpsd9fea57e.jpg
London StreetStyle photographed by Alice Point for MIISTA

Oh yes, there is another reason (besides shoes) to hop over to and that is StreetStyle photography! Alice from the blog AlicePoint roams weekly, sometimes daily through the London streets to capture some of the best looks London has to offer for the Miista blog! I'm such a fan of her photography and the looks she captures! 

 photo 9376846789_8881a855e9_o_zpsac99cbae.jpg  photo 9273188876_b9e98ccf11_o_zps7aefa6a3.jpg  photo 9052703588_b82ef1b48b_o_zps7013484e.jpg


Monday, August 19, 2013

Redwood Ombre and Oxblood YSL

 photo cocorosa-muubaaandmodernvice-2_zps32ddb8c4.jpg

Wearing my new Ombre dip dyed leather Muubaa jacket in a Redwood/Oxblood color set against a lilac dress and booties and finished with my dark oxblood colored YSL lipstick and Python bag! Im so in love with these deep red and oxblood colors and decided to play the color up with pastels while its still summer and move to darker colors coming fall!

wearing: Muubaa Salazar Ombre leather Jacket, Gerard Darel Python bag, H&M dress, Modern Vice boots, YSL oxblood colored lipstick

photos taken by Suz

 photo cocorosa-muubaaandmodernvice-16_zpsfba127fc.jpg  photo cocorosa-muubaaandmodernvice-15_zps6421e695.jpg  photo cocorosa-muubaaandmodernvice-8_zps81df1256.jpg  photo cocorosa-muubaaandmodernvice-4_zpsd7463f42.jpg  photo cocorosa-muubaaandmodernvice-17_zps963d3d65.jpg  photo cocorosa-muubaaandmodernvice-1_zps366cc5c5.jpg


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Top 10 Fashion Blogger (Recap) Boyfriends, Couples and Weddings

 photo oliviajohannes-3_zps126dcec2.jpg
photo Olivia Palermo

With everyone talking about the "his and her fashion trends" I found myself going through the Top 10 Fashion Blogger Boyfriend's, Couples and Wedding lists more and more often every day! I love seeing these couples and love seeing how they somehow perfectly match each other, sometimes perfectly coordinated and sometimes just a perfect blend of different prints and textures, couples are a Trend and with that boyfriends of course! Check out today's recap of Boyfriends, Couples, Weddings and Menswear!


1) Top 10 Fashion blogger Boyfriends

Stylish girls have a stylish boyfriends! These couples are just delicious!

 photo alicepoint-1-1_zpse95f4818.jpg
(photo by Alice Point)

2) Fashion Blogger Boyfriends Part II

One boyfriend list was not enough and easily part 2 was born!

 photo theworldlooksred-tumb_zpsc54a1a64.jpg
(photo by the world looks red)

3) Top 10 Fashion blogger Hottest Boyfriends

Leave it up to the boyfriends themselves to come up with the idea to make a hottest boyfriend list! I just can't help by glaring at how gorgeous these guys look next to their Fashion blogger ladies!

 photo oliviajohannes-3_zps126dcec2.jpg
photo Olivia Palermo

4) Top 10 Fashion Blogger Weddings

The best way to zoom in on couples and heavenly matched looks is of course by taking a look at these lush Fashion Blogger Weddings!

 photo robe-de-mariee-wedding-dress-paulinefashionblogcom_-2-2_zps3a81d677.jpg
photo paulinefashionblog by Jean-Laurent

5) Top 10 Fashion Blogger Menswear Blogs

The Menswear bloggers are not only amazing and the perfect finishing touch for this recap, some you might recognize as being the boyfriends (or very good friends) of well known Fashion bloggers too!

 photo 7589436006_698fefaab7_b_zps35433fd5.jpg
(photo katelovesme  by Alexandra Pereira)


Friday, August 16, 2013

Twisted, Knotted and Cut-Outs

 photo cutout-1_zpsc3712647.jpg

There are some trends that never bore me! These looks are from a while ago but are still some of my favorite outfits and simply because I just love cut-outs, twists and knotted items! This summer was a season of cut-outs in midriff baring dresses and boots! I really love how the trend went from clothing to shoes and it's easy to find a pair in stores like Zara, Asos, Nelly and Choies! Another Trend I adore until eternity is everything Twisted and Knotted and not only in dresses but in Hairdo's too (tutorials here and here)! Its so easy to simply knot a long length gray jersey dress at the bottom or side or even add some twist to it with a scarf! Perfect outfit in my opinion? A twisted and knotted gray jersey dress with cutout booties and yes a knotted ponytail!

 photo twisted-1_zps89357090.jpg  photo twistedbuns-1_zps47aa62db.jpg

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


 photo verameat-1_zpsd68e884e.jpg
jewelry and images via VERAMEAT

A new jewelry addiction of me! I absolutely love all of New York City based VERAMEAT's pieces, handcrafted recycled spines, bones, claws and dinosaurs in silver and pure 14kgold! Armcandy! These will good so well with my dinosaur cuff!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Creme de la Creme

 photo cocorosa-cremedelacreme-2_zps8f61c60c.jpg

Wearing my new Bershka Creme de la Creme cropped top, such an easy top to go with everything! and I'm totally loving my new Spektre's polarized sunnies too! I got 2 pairs and I'm totally loving both! 

wearing: Bershka Creme de la Creme top, H&M trend skirt, Zara shoes, Spektre Memento Audere Semper glasses

photos by Suz

 photo cocorosa-cremedelacreme-3_zpsbbddc2c8.jpg  photo cocorosa-cremedelacreme-4_zps24e46bd9.jpg  photo cocorosa-cremedelacreme-5_zps37445cd5.jpg  photo cocorosa-cremedelacreme-1_zpsee4b2ddb.jpg  photo cocorosa-cremedelacreme-6_zpsf06e32a4.jpg  photo cocorosa-cremedelacreme-7_zps28ca1c2f.jpg