Tuesday, July 30, 2013

DIY Stitching change of color

 photo cocorosa-catshoes-9_zps8d55eb80.jpg

A very simple white look today enhanced by the pearl embellishments on the sheer top and Gold embroidered cat loafers. Clearly the Cat loafers are a very cheap (€15) Charlotte Olympia knock off from New Yorker, the stitching was white and looked horribly cheap so I simply bought a gold marker and transformed the stitching to being a lush gold. I just happened to bump into the Cat loafers when I went to the New Yorker store for cheap light blue sneakers that I had seen  there but they were no longer there in my size so I decided to give the Kitty Cats a go! I often change the color of stitching in shoes and even clothing to transform something from looking hideous to looking fab!

I'm wearing; TopShop pearl embellished top, Zara white jeans, New Yorker (Charlotte Olympia DIY) cat loafers

 photo cocorosa-catshoes-8_zps5c34b2a5.jpg  photo cocorosa-catshoes-14_zpsf6ea5e51.jpg  photo cocorosa-catshoes-13_zps97612825.jpg  photo cocorosa-catshoes-15_zps576e48de.jpg  photo cocorosa-catshoes-1_zps6d3f40e1.jpg

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers Festival Looks

 photo natalieofduty4_zps17bbd006.jpg
photo by Natalie off Duty

It is Summer and our favorite season for another reason besides the obvious sun, sea and beach! We love festivals and love the amazing and inspiring looks, bohemian, contemporary, crochet, cut off jeans, cropped tops, summer frocks and bikini's in the mix, we love them all! Sophia (know from BlogandtheCity) and I collaborated again for a Top 10 Fashion Blogger Festival Looks!

1) Oracle Fox

Amanda is brilliant and original when it comes to creating bohemian looks, jeans, lace and crochet are easily customized and embellished and make for perfect gorgeous festival looks!


 photo OracleFox3_zpse756a889.jpg

2) Natalie of Duty

Another queen of bohemian and thus festival looks in Natalie! We love the way she effortlessly mixes and matches silhouettes, prints and everything else!


 photo natalieofduty_zps579361a8.jpg  photo natalieofduty2_zps1bf5bbd2.jpg  photo natalieofduty3_zpsa7263fe6.jpg

3) Fashion Vibe

Who knew we could easily take upcoming trends and translate them to a summer festival look? The burgundy red Tee and plaided shirt make for a simple yet perfect outfit!


 photo Fashionvibe_zps15c661e1.jpg

4) Snakes Nest

Bethany's cropped top and skirt are super gorgeous and we love the side braid!


 photo IMG_8568e_zpsf749dab3.jpg

5) Lizzy van der Ligt

Lizzy's looks are perfect festival inspiration, we love the returning bohemian touch in all her outfits!


 photo LizzyvdLigt_zpsbac94995.jpg  photo LizzyvdLigt2_zpse0befcc0.jpg

6) Peace Love Shea

Shea Marie's dresses and boots combination are super sweet!  


 photo coachax51_zps6b32eded.jpg  photo chellawhite6_zps4dc00010.jpg

7) LA's blog

A very daring use of a bikini and bold prints and we love it!  


 photo LAblog_zps86b9713f.png

8) Fashion Toast

We love how Rumi went for a touch of contemporary, simplicity and minimalism into her festival looks!


 photo fashiontoast_zps5c28bfe9.jpg

9) Lisa Olsson

Lisa's very simple look is made into perfection by use of the belts!


 photo LisaOlsson_zps5398dc04.jpg

10) Angelica Blick

Long sleeved cropped tops with jeans shorts? yes, yes and yes!


 photo AngelicaBlick_zps4061f989.jpg  photo AngelicaBlick2_zps24552025.jpg

11) Song of Style

We love how Aimee works the bikini into perfect festival looks!


 photo songofstyle2_zpsaf9bb5f3.jpg  photo songofstyle1_zps0345f799.jpg

12) Alana Ruas

We start to think that you need to be Brazilian like Alana to really know how to work crochet!


 photo Alanaruas_zpse125d9d9.jpg

13) In search of Sadie

A new favorite blog of us and for a reason, Natasha's looks are always point on!


 photo InSearchofSadie2_zps6f6bb97d.jpg

14) the Blonde Salad

Chiara's play with the returning bright neon green of the polarized sunglasses and the green in her outfit is brilliant!


 photo blondsalade_zpsae5a2f02.jpg

15) This Chick got Style 

We just love the sequined shorts combined with the sleeveless army jacket!


 photo thischickgotstyle2_zps5f8ff010.jpg  photo thischickgotstyle_zps6ed7caaf.jpg


Friday, July 26, 2013

Gold Love

 photo GoldFoil_Prints_zps135d0def.jpg
Gold Foil prints by Luciana

I'm loving these gorgeous gold foil prints by Luciana to death, it's hard to say which one is my favorite because I love them all and for $12 a piece they are not only glamourous but affordable too! These little gold infusing prints are just perfect for home decor! 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

More reds

 photo cocorosared-1_zpsdcbd09bd.jpg

A red and lilac combination today! Red has been a bit of my accent color lately! You know, Hot summers require hot colors ;) Oh yeah, hot summers do not require hot fuzzy jumpers hahaha

wearing: H&M trend jumper, H&M dress, Zara shoes, Melvin&Hamilton purse

photos by Suz

 photo cocorosared-2_zpsb46a543a.jpg  photo cocorosared-5_zps547e2028.jpg  photo cocorosared-3_zps01766712.jpg


Monday, July 22, 2013

Baby blue layering

 photo cocorosa-blueblacklayered-1a_zpsf07437a6.jpg

Happy Monday! (in case happy Monday's exist)
Wearing soothing baby blue layers with black.

wearing: H&M trend top, Zara blazer, Miss Selfridge lace shorts, Misbhv tote

photos by Suz

 photo cocorosa-blueblacklayered-1_zps00c3fb7c.jpg
 photo cocorosa-blueblacklayered-3_zpsdb376019.jpg
 photo cocorosa-blueblacklayered-2_zps759a2b57.jpg


Saturday, July 20, 2013