Thursday, July 4, 2013

A really red surprise

 photo cocorosa-redjumper-1_zps2102f748.jpg

A really red surprise because I initially wanted to wear my studded biker jacket with the dress but decided last minute to go for a salmon/red color combination and crawled into my really red angora jumper, just to tweak this look a bit into something else! Although I still want to wear this dress with a biker jacket too. The red jumper is so fun to wear on top of dresses because its not only such a statement color but nice and fluffy too ;)

wearing: H&M trend angora jumper, Urban outfitters dress, Zara heels

 photo cocorosa-redjumper-4_zps1f71a50b.jpg  photo cocorosa-redjumper-3_zpsfb6afe7f.jpg  photo cocorosa-redjumper-2_zps26a70034.jpg

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