Thursday, May 30, 2013

Modern Vice

 photo cocorosa-modernvice-2_zps4ac97e61.jpg

You have maybe seen them on some blogs already (like here)! The amazing Modern Vice Jett Booties co-designed by my blogger friends Natalie and Dylana SuarezThe booties are really awesome, and I really mean awesome and come in a lot of spring/summer-ish colors meaning a lot of pastels! To have these booties in Lilac is just so perfect and sooooo me!! The classic Jett booties come in colors like oxblood, brown, black and yellow (perfect for the non-pastel people) And seriously do check out the other Modern Vice boots too because they are really amazing! 

Thank you Natalie and Dylana :) Seriously the most perfect booties for me :) 

 photo cocorosa-modernvice-1_zps2a960e12.jpg

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


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The Elephant blue/gray wallet gave me the idea to make a monotone look with (baby) blue's and turquoises! Somehow it works together, it's almost like some colors blend in together when you wear them! I have been wearing so much baby blues these past day's often with some stronger lip color or just all natural but with a stronger blush! Ohhh I got a date tonight! No idea yet what to wear!!!

wearing: H&M cardigan, H&M trend blouse, Miss Selfridge jeans, Zara shoes, Melvin&Hamilton wallet (seen here) Triwa watch

photos by Suz

 photo cocorosa-monotone-2_zpsbbc490c0.jpg  photo cocorosa-monotone-3_zps472df047.jpg

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Top 10 Fashion Blogger most Populair Top 10's

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photo by the blonde salad

Ever curious what the most populair Fashion Blogger top 10 posts are? We shared many lists already; homes, boyfriends, pets, tattoos and closets but not every top 10 is equal! These post are the most favorite and populair so far!

1) Fashion Blogger Boyfriends

The most populair post? the Fashion Blogger boyfriends! These bloggers are some lucky girls for sure!

 photo alicepoint-1-1_zps36050141.jpg
photo by Alice Point

2) Fashion Blogger Homes

We all loved to see where and how our favorite blogger lived! and they live in amazing apartments and homes of course!

 photo seaofshoesandatlantishome-8_zpsd0464114.jpg
photo by seaofshoes

3) Fashion Blogger Closets

One of the most amazing lists and posts? Peeking into the Fashion blogger Closets of course!

 photo fashiontoast-clothingrack_zpsbb92c12b.jpg
photo by fashion toast

4) Fashion Blogger Homes ~part 2~

It seems like we all love home decor as much as we love fashion so a part 2 blogger homes was born!

 photo uno_zpsf87e65a9.jpg
photo by songofstyle / the coveteur

5) Fashion Blogger Weddings

One of the most beautiful posts! These Fashion bloggers got married and shared their perfect dreamy days!

 photo robe-de-mariee-wedding-dress-paulinefashionblogcom_-2-2_zps3dd1df61.jpg
photo by paulinefashionblog

6) Fashion Blogger Hottest Boyfriends

Which Fashion Blogger has the hottest boyfriend? hmmmm it was hard to make this list but we did it!

 photo oliviajohannes-3_zpsee5427c7.jpg
photo oliviapalermo

7) Fashion Blogger Boyfriends ~part 2~

There cannot possibly be enough posts with boyfriends and I cannot wait to make more!

 photo theworldlooksred-tumb_zpsb690624a.jpg
photo by theworldlooksred

8) Fashion Blogger Pets

My absolute favorite post! A list with our (semi-famous) furry Fashion Blogger Friends!

 photo glamourai_bunny_zps4b57fcce.jpg
photo by the glamourai

9) Fashion Blogger Tattoos

Another one of my favorite posts! I love tattoos and I loved seeing which bloggers got tattoos and where!

 photo theblondsaladtattoo-1_zps483ef9bd.jpg
photo by the blonde salad

10) Fashion Bloggers Hairdo's

I love hair, fashion bloggers love hair so all that was missing was a Top 10 list with the amazing (signature) hairdo's of our favorite girls.

 photo seaofshoeshair-4_zps9d67f91d.jpg
photo by seaofshoes


Friday, May 24, 2013

Carrera Craze

 photo carreracraze_zpsc7fa487c.jpg
Images via weheartit and Carrera


I'm loving the Carrera sunglasses! The modern design & strong colors are the Craze design philosophy of the Carrera 2013 sunglasses. These models have a young, feminine allure and polarized glasses, a style inspired by tomorrow’s culture, and serve as a fashion statement for anyone who wears them. I cannot help but get the feel of surfing, fast cars, palm trees and aqua beaches and with the large shape and a vintage yet modern feel in the bright colors such as orange, aqua green and pink the CARRERA 5001 sunglasses are my favorite!

(you can find the sunglasses at Eye Wish Opticiens and in select stores) 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lilac and Greens

 photo cocorosa-lilacandgreen-1_zps932b5841.jpg

A new color combination I'm addicted to! Lilacs and Greens! The chiffon-like top is of course the much seen tropical print form the H&M conscious collection that I loosely tucked in the lilac TopShop jeans. The finishing touch is the transparent green Clutch (seen here)

wearing: TopShop Lilac jeans, H&M conscious top, Zara clutch and sandals

photos by Suz
 photo cocorosa-lilacandgreen-2_zps704f4ec4.jpg  photo cocorosa-lilacandgreen-3_zps312b8a4e.jpg  photo cocorosa-lilacandgreen-5_zps3c623b8a.jpg  photo cocorosa-lilacandgreen-4_zpsa0c966a7.jpg

Monday, May 20, 2013

cocorosa for Melvin&Hamilton

 photo cocorosa-melvinhamilton-2_zpsa90c8edf.jpg

I don't know if you have heard of Melvin&Hamilton before but if you like beautiful crafted classic derbies, brogues, loafers and leather woven accessories like me you will find yourself right at home! I love soft, classic, relaxed and sophisticated looks, almost menswear but still very feminine. When asked to be a brand ambassador for Melvin&Hamilton I became so exited because of the beautiful crafted brogues and loafers that are so lush because of the fine-tuned detailing, classic fit and materials like perforated leather in the shoes and the use of woven leather in the accessories!

wearing: Zara eyelet shirt, H&M trousers, YSL Fuchsia nailpolish nr.10, Melvin&Hamilton Audrey Woven leather Wallet and Lea Luxor lace-up shoes.

 photo cocorosa-melvinhamilton-7_zpse6535094.jpg

Audrey Woven Blue Elephant

I'm lusting over all the woven leather accessories, the bags, ipad cases and wallets! The Blue Elephant color is a gorgeous gray like blue in a soft woven leather and the size is perfect for a wallet that needs to be seen ;)

 photo cocorosa-melvinhamilton-4_zps54ef38f3.jpg  photo cocorosa-melvinhamilton-6_zps3fc49848.jpg
 photo cocorosa-melvinhamilton-9_zpsbb7097ca.jpg

Lea 4 Luxor Beige

I really wanted a sophisticated summer lace-up derby like shoe, a light hearted shoe that goes well with soft classic trousers, the beige color has a perfect nude-ish undertone and the perforated leather gives that summer feel!

 photo cocorosa-melvinhamilton-10_zpscbc824aa.jpg


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Top 10 Fashion Blogger Homes ~ part 2

 photo uno_zps6ac4317b.jpg
photo: songofstyle via the Coveteur

Remember the Top 10 Fashion Blogger Homes? We figured it was time for a Part 2 with more fashion bloggers and more delicious apartments and stylish homes!  
Hope you enjoy! xoxo

1) Song of Style

When thinking of Home Decor and yes homes all together one of the first Fashion Bloggers that comes to mind is Aimee! And for a reason! Aimee's home looks delicious just like our one of our favorite bloggers herself!

 photo dos_zpsd58dfa01.jpg  photo 10_zps373a8640.jpg  photo 12_zpse4ecea7f.jpg  photo 16_zpsa8ed08b3.jpg  photo uno_zps6ac4317b.jpg  photo tres_zpsc7af2b46.jpg

2) Fashion Toast

Peeking into Rumi's home makes us just really want to re-do our own! We love the textures, the play with wood and the transparent chairs, the animal skin and the delicious light bedroom!

 photo 17-rumi-neely-home_zps3e21cb76.jpg  photo 04-rumi-neely-home_zpseb0218a5.jpg  photo 01-rumi-neely-home_zps3f998bb9.jpg  photo 07-rumi-neely-home_zps62312865.jpg  photo 00-rumi-neely-home_zps9c795cb5.jpg  photo 03-rumi-neely-home_zps08fd0914.jpg  photo 12-rumi-neely-home_zps769d1744.jpg  photo 22-rumi-neely-home_zps1905563e.jpg

3) Late Afternoon

Liz her home is just lovely like Liz herself! We love the classic touches and soft colors that subtle return in furniture and pillows!

 photo 12-Liz-Cherkasova_zpsbe2e94e6.jpg  photo 04-Liz-Cherkasova_zps1f6218b1.jpg  photo 01-Liz-Cherkasova_zpsa6e23b00.jpg  photo late_afternoon_home_zpseb70bd01.jpg  photo the_jett_vintage_camera_zpsa33e027e.jpg  photo house_of_harlow_sunglasses_zps4144ba84.jpg  photo winter_beauty_zps11e37d2c.jpg  photo house_3_zps6f556b63.jpg  photo house_1_zps79bac736.jpg  photo Rachel_roy_shoes_zps4e83ccd9.jpg  photo gladiolas_zpsf89fc415.jpg

4) Passions for Fashion

Christina's home feels like the perfect home! The exposed brick works amazing well with the interior and white wooden floors!

 photo newyorkerlejlighed-1_zps1229e21c.jpg  photo kkken_zpsf3902e6a.jpg  photo wardrobe-1_zps82a55153.jpg  photo raringt-traeligbord_zpsb8c444ee.jpg  photo livingroom_zpsb168c327.jpg  photo bedroom_zps06b07906.jpg

5) Style Scrapbook

We love the Parisian theme and the simple color combinations in Andy's Amsterdam apartment!

 photo 1_zps57ceae6d.jpg  photo 2_zps090abcfb.jpg  photo 3_zpsbdcba47b.jpg  photo 8_zpscd6c4eac.jpg

6) the Blonde Salad

There can't be possible enough photos of Chiara's Milan apartment and wardrobe! There is just so much to see and for someone who travels this much Chiara's home feels like the perfect home to come back to!

 photo 8044967094_b9ba504181_o_zpsea4d421b.jpg  photo 8044967846_e41b7c46a1_o_zps8606d828.jpg  photo 8542135346_d63d06db7c_o_zps16079437.jpg  photo 8542135966_bf30ff6fce_o_zps0193dd7e.jpg  photo 8741687755_afd105af1c_o_zps0bda4382.jpg  photo 8741687867_6b4a7578b5_o_zps57db5611.jpg  photo 8741687911_77bf9ca17f_o_zps3e4df05c.jpg  photo 8741688025_d1dc3e7712_o_zps34421d6f.jpg  photo 8741688319_ef166aa108_o_zps62a1d632.jpg  photo 8742802482_8fda24f1ab_o_zps01ed5137.jpg

7) Bluebird

After having James and Aubrey included in the Top 10 Fashion Bloggers Weddings we just became terribly curious about their home too and we are not disappointed at all!

 photo 6a00e554f1ae9388330176162ba253970c-800wi_zps069386ce.jpg  photo 6a00e554f1ae9388330176162ba50e970c-800wi_zps8e2f241b.jpg  photo 6a00e554f1ae938833017743dcb19b970d-800wi_zps84db0bd7.jpg  photo 6a00e554f1ae93883301761648aeed970c-800wi_zps165c3a9c.jpg

8) Trop Rouge and Flashes of Style

How amazing would it be to share a Manhattan apartment with another Fashion Blogger? Luckily we can peek into Christina and Bonnie's home and get a tiny glimpse of  how it would be!

 photo 00-Bonnie-Christina_zpsa411d230.jpg  photo 27-Bonnie-Christina_zps918e5fce.jpg  photo 37-Bonnie-Christina_zpsb9090ff1.jpg  photo 41-Bonnie-Christina_zps75455ee5.jpg  photo 02-Bonnie-Christina_zps93ac50ef.jpg  photo 19-Bonnie-Christina_zpsa55b293d.jpg  photo 05-Bonnie-Christina_zpsa4b22272.jpg  photo 15-Bonnie-Christina_zps9eab0ff1.jpg  photo 14-Bonnie-Christina_zpsbd0ee822.jpg

9) Keiko Lynn

Keiko's apartment is just fabulous! Exposed brick, vintage and lots of frames!

 photo 8493597225_2872ab7862_b_zps220efa2a.jpg  photo 8509841370_bd8fea90a4_b_zpsa63a84eb.jpg  photo 8280770860_942d27b2ce_b_zps5fe1a34b.jpg

10) Lizzyvdligt

What if your Paris Apartment is so amazing Elle Magazine comes over to shoot an editorial? This is exactly what happened to Lizzy and her Parisian Palace!

 photo 20120916_0143_zw_zps922bf121.jpg  photo c9c3dba8ef9811e1a63622000a1d0283_6_zps30967496.jpg  photo IMG_65155_zpsdd8b1b36.jpg  photo IMG_6514_zps220412e0.jpg  photo ELLEnl005_zpsb0c60d5f.jpg  photo ELLEnl004_zps1ccc435b.jpg

11) Lovely Pepa

Alexandra's work place is just perfect! We love the quote on the turquoise wall!

 photo 8493698574_2cf6de0f10_b_zps2d55c336.jpg  photo 8493698534_d5d6039f74_b_zpsb21c2adf.jpg  photo 8493698472_a056017ee7_b_zps4da671bd.jpg  photo 8493697922_db84601daf_b_zps1a1bd269.jpg  photo 8493697804_7112575eb4_b_zps49d039e5.jpg  photo 8492598051_2b7470aac5_b_zpsf8f7b58e.jpg