Monday, May 6, 2013

OUTFIT: Veux-tu....?

 photo cocorosaveux-14_zps2923f91d.jpg

photo taken by Suz

Another cropped top and I'm wearing my lilac topshop jeans again, sugar colors galore! The top is so cute.. but I'm not going to say what "veux-tu m'epouser?" means hahaha.. I try not to think about the fact that I am actually randomly "asking people" when wearing it because I want to wear it again :) I do like the fact that this totally tops any other flirty t-shirt quote out there and for that it is hilarious :) Forget being my boyfriend just marry me instead hahaha..

wearing: Forever21 cropped top, TopShop Lilac jeans, Muubaa jacket, Zara heels

P.S : I am taking part in Vanity Fair's Best Dressed Challenge, check out this link for more information, hope to get your support on this and you can vote for my looks :)

 photo cocorosaveux-11_zps847235f6.jpg  photo cocorosaveux-5_zpsb6a7940f.jpg  photo cocorosaveux-13_zpsba9a6e9a.jpg
 photo cocorosaveux-18_zps2a53487e.jpg
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