Friday, May 17, 2013

5 cutest Travel Keepsake ideas

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Cities like Paris, Milan, Rome, London and New York and all other travel destinations ask for beautiful souvenirs and ways to keep and cherish those boulevards, restaurants, shoppings, sunsets and diners! Diaries, Bracelets and little keep-sake boxes. Dodo asked me to list my favorite ways of keeping the Cities I love so much in my heart!

1) Souvenir Bracelets

This post is of course brought to you (and me a little bit too since I had to think about what travel souvenirs meant to me) by Dodo, Bracelets are not only travel souvenirs but friendship souvenirs too! Have you ever thought about starting your trip by gifting a bracelet of the destination? Not only a City in your heart but a friend too! These cute bracelets will be online exclusively for 1 month only and then starting June in the Dodo boutique of the City they are dedicated to, Paris, Milan, Rome, London and New York!

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2) Make a Travel Diary

One of the most fun things to do is to make a travel diary, a scrapbook to keep all your travel memories in a book! Receipts, tickets, photos, collages, thoughts, scribbles, leafs, really everything can go in! I love the pre-made Travel Diaries but love to make my own too just using old photo-books and notebooks! 

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3) Fall in Love

Talking about memories, how beautiful is a long kiss somewhere around the world.. hmmm Paris maybe? A Holliday fling? A get-a-way romance, I just had to say it; one of the cutest travel souvenirs is some Romance ;)

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4) Collage Wall

Photos (especially polaroids), scribbles, tickets, all make for amazing collage material on mood boards and walls, making your travel memories home decor wall art!

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5) Destination Cook books

Travelling is all about the senses; seeing, hearing, feeling and yes tasting! I always love to bring recipes and cookbooks home from the amazing food that I have tasted and see my favorite Cities in my kitchen :)

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