Saturday, November 30, 2013

Top 10 Fashion Blogger Balenciaga Boots

 photo 9396472464_09321168ee_o_zps283910f9.jpg
photo the Blonde Salad

The Balenciaga Buckle Strap Ankle Boot is really the Fashion Blogger boot of the season and to no surprise! The boot with its heavy metal details, cut-outs, buckles and polished leather is a total versatile stunner for sure! So many Fashion Bloggers styled the boots in such different ways so we just had to collect the best of the best for a big fat Fashion Blogger Top 10! We just love how this post turned into Balenciaga shoe-porn fast! Do check out today's Top 10 Fashion Blogger Balenciaga Boots!

1) Fashion Toast

I instantly fell in love with the Balenciaga Boots the moment I saw them styled by Rumi with dresses and shorts!

 photo 45009d5a582d1c26daeeeafdcf711a5f_zps8af05d19.jpg  photo tiantan6_zps255b3e43.jpg  photo mlle7_zpsf31762f4.jpg

2) the Blonde Salad

I totally love Chiara's styling of the boots, the Navy blue with the polished black of the boots is gorgeous!

 photo 9396472464_09321168ee_o_zps283910f9.jpg  photo 8583583306_20eb0e9d39_o_zps00b47a29.jpg  photo 10337099193_3fcff9cf5c_o_zpsc96629de.jpg

3) Style Scrapbook

Talking about versatile... Andy effortlessly styles and incorporates the boots in amazing different looks!

 photo AndyTorresAWdress21_zps0d015609.jpg  photo AndyTorresTimesSquare2_zps0209900c.jpg  photo AndyTorresMilitaryjacketStockholm_zps26c8a13f.jpg

4) Fashion Vibe 

The boots look absolutely gorgeous on Zina! They are perfectly styled with cropped tops, dresses, skirts and skinny jeans!

 photo DSC_0083_zpsfe878ba2.jpg  photo DSC_1338_zps858285fb.jpg  photo DSC_0230_zpsd297d82d.jpg

5) Sincerely Jules

We absolutely love how Jules tosses in some prints with the buckle boots!

 photo dblues2_zpscf0d81c0.jpg  photo ATG_zps969e4d98.jpg  photo fluffy20_zps254d5fc1.jpg

6) Carolines Mode

Caroline's looks are (like always) perfect in it's simplicity!

 photo tumblr_mqr5eg2BS91r3nt0bo1_1280_zps51d6f7bf.jpg  photo 315555_zpsbee5facc.jpg

7) After DRK

We love how Sabrina styled the boots with boyfriend jeans and a simple tee!

 photo thumb_zps36106265.jpg  photo thumb-1_zps6dd36478.jpg

8) the Native Fox

Jennifer's dark slim look works perfectly with the Balenciaga boots!

 photo IMG_4007B1_zpsefa5bd86.png

9) Sarah co mode ton look

The boots work perfectly with Sarah's heavy bulky bag, heavy printed Kenzo cap, printed tee and jeans!

 photo 259005_980_zpsbd4ca230.jpg

10) Fashion Guitar

I absolutely love Charlotte's layered look with the jacket and wearing the boots with red socks!

 photo 1664b00f69e4c13f47b0fee5b6f7ca3a_zpsc6203e98.jpg  photo 0ba6fa4584b00831626accb7cdafb1cc_zps311ba6fe.jpg

11) Mode Rosa

Roos-Anne's looks with the boots are really perfect every day and every occasion looks!

 photo 1381243034IMG_3104_zps0826e18c.jpg  photo 1382951497vscocam_1382950993603537IMG_9457_zps0cd1991a.jpg

12) Lovely by Lucy

I love how Lucy styled the boots with slim jeans and shearling lined jacket and adore her look with the long dress!

 photo outfit-oversized-shearling-topshop-coat-710x1072_zps2b7af2cc.jpg  photo DSC_0563-710x1072_zpsb5947072.jpg

13) Une armoire pour deux

We love how Vanessa's styled the buckle boots with a vintage-looking shirt and checked blazer!

 photo MG_8364_zps16ddd7d8.jpg  photo MG_5676_zpsc57fe4fa.jpg

14) Hello Elo

Elodie's looks with the red oversized vest and color block suit are delicious!

 photo Balenciaga-Buckle-Boots-Tuxedo-Jacket-Look-mode-Blogue-Mode-Montreal-Blogueuse-Fashion-Blogger-Hello-Elo-Elodie-Laetitia-Elo_zpsb37d48b6.jpg  photo Nirvan-Noten-tee-Balenciaga-Buckle-Boots-Acne-Biker-Jacket-Look-mode-Blogue-Mode-Montreal-Blogueuse-Fashion-Blogger-Hello-El_zpsa40cdf2e.jpg  photo Balenciaga-buckle-boots-Salopette-31-phillip-lim-overalls-spring-summer-2013-Fashion-blog-Blogue-mode-Montreal-blogueuse-mod_zpsbd3f7a96.jpg

15) Soraya Bakhtiar

Last but not least, we adore how  Soraya styled the boots with bright purple and prints!

 photo L1007457-1024x681_zps7db4cbba.jpg  photo rosannabach_nyfw-10-1024x683_zps058354bb.jpg


Thursday, November 28, 2013

VESTIAIRE COLLECTIVE - Paris answer to pre-loved Online Shopping

 photo vestiarecollective-1_zps33bd1d50.jpg
Vestiaire Collective items seen in the collage: Vanessa Bruno fur coatHermes BraceletDelphine Delafon Bag Givenchy Pandora bagCeline CoatMaison Martin Margiela SneakersIsabel Marant Fourrure TricolorIsabel Marrant loafersSaint Laurent Boots,

One of my favorite way's of shopping is by far consignment shopping! Most of my designer pieces are pre-owned fashion pieces that I mostly shopped for in New York at Tokio7 and INA. The Vestiaire Collective is just that but online. A platform to buy&sell pre-owned designer items like the Stella McCartney Sweater as seen on AlicePoint! Not only am I no longer bound to NYC and have to be lucky enough to find something cool but the Vestiaire Collective platform has a lot more to offer and choose from with its impressive fashion stock, it's easy to browse and has amazing recommended items by Glamour and Vogue! Very important too is that unlike Ebay, Vestiaire Collective rigorously  checks items for authenticity, making sure the items aren't counterfeits or mis-priced! Not only is Vestiaire perfect for shopping, it's perfect for selling designer and luxury pieces too! I simply logged in through my facebook and have been mostly snooping through the "Just-In" items and the "Le Journal" for some extra inspiration!

Lovely Alice from AlicePoint wearing her gorgeous Stella McCartney Mohair Sweater! 
 photo 11064723723_09b3c5759e_o_zps314aff3e.jpg

The easy to browse Vestiaire Collective site with my favorite "Just-In" and "Le Journal" tabs.
 photo vestiarecollective-2_zpsd9ec37bc.jpg

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Neoprene Cloud Top

 photo cocorosa-cloudtop-3_zpscbe9e0c0.jpg

I love the Neoprene sweaters and skirts! The cloud top is part of a set (remember the cloud top+skirt that I wore with the flaming gold leaf heels?) I decided to wear the top alone with Humanoid's woolen "track pants" inspired trousers and Zara's pointy heels. 
ps. Loving this neoprene black set!

Wearing: Choies neoprene Cloud top, Humanoid trousers, Zara heels

 photo cocorosa-cloudtop-7_zpsc670e7e1.jpg  photo cocorosa-cloudtop-6_zps8e5a38b9.jpg  photo cocorosa-cloudtop-10_zpsbd8ed885.jpg  photo cocorosa-cloudtop-5_zps3e292dc4.jpg


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Favorite Runway Frizzy Hair Tutorials

 photo frizzy-5_zpsa2a1f380.jpg
photos via Pinterest

We love big frizzy fly-away hair! The soft fuzz is totally perfect for cozy layered Fall/Winter looks and looks gorgeous with statement eyeliner, nudes and soft browns! It's easy to add some soft frizz to hair strands with a crimping iron, small curl iron or to play up the messy look with teasing, but what we really wanted to know is how to get those soft runway wavy curls that flow over in a full fuzzy frizz when separated! For beautiful Winter ready looks we collected our favorite Runway Frizzy Hair tutorials!


1) Crimp Craze

This tutorial gets you beautiful crimped hair in 4 easy steps! We love this tutorial because it gives you that full messy look without going out of control frizzy!
 photo frizzy-3_zps7c366f90.jpg

2) Frizzy Backstage Hair

A step by step tutorial for that full frizzy backstage hair!

 photo frizzy-2_zps7a51151f.jpg

3) Fun Frizz

The Beauty Department gives us a very similar Frizzy hair tutorial! We cannot help but loving the steps just before separating the hair and combing everything out, being in the middle of curls and frizz!

 photo frizzy-1_zps44ed08bc.jpg

4) How to make big Frizzy Hair

We love this video, it's really perfect for those who prefer video tutorials over pictures!


Friday, November 22, 2013

Moon Goddess Jewelry Inspiration board

 photo moongodessinspiration-2_zps2172db00.jpg
images via Pinterest

Some more Moon, Constellations, Alchemy, Chrystal, Goddess and Witchcraft Inspiration! Last week's Tattoo Inspiration Board consisted of mostly Moon and Mystical/Occult inspired Tattoo's and this week my attention shifted a bit further and towards jewelry and accessories! Maybe it's because of that witchy True Blood season 2 or having watched "the Craft" again but I find myself all of the sudden filling in my Santa wish list with Pentagram Cuffs and Roze Quartz Rune stones!

For Jewelry Inspiration really check out this board on Pinterest, it made my heart flutter! For Jewelry look at Pamela Love, Vera Meat, La Dama, Spanish Moss, and Lux Divine. For more then divine crystal looking heels, totally check out Miista's 'Midnight Waters' collection! Miista's Emarald Amaya and Azurite Lucite Debora heels will most definitely put a spell on you!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013


 photo cocorosa-skipnwhistle-1_zps4b4e8046.jpg

Channeling my inner cat in Skip N' Whistle's Cat sweater! 

wearing: Skip N' Whistle cat face sweatshirt, Forever21 leather like shorts, Choies buckle boots, Forever21 MEOW cap

 photo cocorosa-skipnwhistle-8_zps544fde45.jpg  photo cocorosa-skipnwhistle-3_zpsdbbca1d5.jpg