Sunday, November 24, 2013

Favorite Runway Frizzy Hair Tutorials

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We love big frizzy fly-away hair! The soft fuzz is totally perfect for cozy layered Fall/Winter looks and looks gorgeous with statement eyeliner, nudes and soft browns! It's easy to add some soft frizz to hair strands with a crimping iron, small curl iron or to play up the messy look with teasing, but what we really wanted to know is how to get those soft runway wavy curls that flow over in a full fuzzy frizz when separated! For beautiful Winter ready looks we collected our favorite Runway Frizzy Hair tutorials!


1) Crimp Craze

This tutorial gets you beautiful crimped hair in 4 easy steps! We love this tutorial because it gives you that full messy look without going out of control frizzy!
 photo frizzy-3_zps7c366f90.jpg

2) Frizzy Backstage Hair

A step by step tutorial for that full frizzy backstage hair!

 photo frizzy-2_zps7a51151f.jpg

3) Fun Frizz

The Beauty Department gives us a very similar Frizzy hair tutorial! We cannot help but loving the steps just before separating the hair and combing everything out, being in the middle of curls and frizz!

 photo frizzy-1_zps44ed08bc.jpg

4) How to make big Frizzy Hair

We love this video, it's really perfect for those who prefer video tutorials over pictures!


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