Friday, November 22, 2013

Moon Goddess Jewelry Inspiration board

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images via Pinterest

Some more Moon, Constellations, Alchemy, Chrystal, Goddess and Witchcraft Inspiration! Last week's Tattoo Inspiration Board consisted of mostly Moon and Mystical/Occult inspired Tattoo's and this week my attention shifted a bit further and towards jewelry and accessories! Maybe it's because of that witchy True Blood season 2 or having watched "the Craft" again but I find myself all of the sudden filling in my Santa wish list with Pentagram Cuffs and Roze Quartz Rune stones!

For Jewelry Inspiration really check out this board on Pinterest, it made my heart flutter! For Jewelry look at Pamela Love, Vera Meat, La Dama, Spanish Moss, and Lux Divine. For more then divine crystal looking heels, totally check out Miista's 'Midnight Waters' collection! Miista's Emarald Amaya and Azurite Lucite Debora heels will most definitely put a spell on you!


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