Monday, September 30, 2013

THE OUTNET Favorites

 photo cocorosa-outnet-favorites2_zps6353b2fd.jpg

Some of my recent THE OUTNET favorites and high on my shopping wish list!
I think most of us already know that THE OUTNET is amazing for designer items at really good prices, and I mean really good prices. You can find Alexander Wang, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Charlotte Olympia, Marc Jacobs, Missioni, Nicholas Kirkwood, Roland Mouret, Valentino and many many more. THE OUTNET is easy to browse by by new items in the "Just In", by Designers and Items, personally I always like to peek into the "Dress-Me" section and browse by looks. One thing though, you have to to be quick because items get sold out fast. 

Marc Jacobs Metallic Jacket
MCQ Alexander McQueen Leather trimmed ankle Boots
Iris & Ink Cashmere Sweater

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hair Inspiration

 photo cocorosa-hairinspiration-urbanoutfitters-1_zps4946552c.jpg
photos via Urban Outfitters

Not long ago I posted my favorite fishtail, favorite knotted and buns and favorite Fall hair tutorials, a lot of tutorials are.. well.. somewhat advanced or sometimes we just need that long length full hair that we don't have. I was looking at Urban Outfitters beauty/Hair products when my eye fell on all the hair accessories, clips, pins, hooks, ombre extensions, rainbow extension, a fishtail hair tool, a polly hair piece to make that perfect bun, chalk and little twisters. I love how a ponytail extension was used to braid a fishtail and the bun piece was used to make a low tucked bun, the ombre extension is quite clever as are the rainbow clips! These hair gadgets perfect for new do's!

 photo cocorosa-hairinspiration-urbanoutfitters-2_zps6ac9bf57.jpg


Friday, September 27, 2013

This week in Instagram

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My week on Instagram! My Milan Fashion Week with Stylight was amazing! We took so many photos and of course a lot of Instagram snaps because it's just perfect for on the go! We just had to take snaps of the Duomo, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II, me in my ValentinoRed bow coat, the amazing ball gown dress bed in Hotel Maison Moschino, streetstyle, the Stylight diner, Joey taking photos, strolling around and shopping! I miss Milan already! You can always find me @cocorosas or Joey @joey_bellows for behind the scenes peeks!

 photo cocorosa-instagram-2_zpsc7d84490.jpg  photo cocorosa-instagram-4_zps46a1d073.jpg  photo cocorosa-instagram-3_zps0ebee057.jpg


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Milan Fashion Week Day 3

 photo milanfashionweekday3-25_zps78933bcd.jpg

Milan Fashion Week Day 3 and my outfit to the Roberto Cavalli show! Stylight invited me over to MFW and had arranged an amazing flight, hotel and day! I had actually caught a cold but that didn't stop me from a quick walk around the City and a Stylight Dinner where I met a lot of Italian bloggers. We stayed in the amazing hotel Maison Moschino and after a quick but wonderful breakfast we went on our way to the Arco della Pace for the Roberto Cavalli Show. Luckily I got to see a few familiar faces among the big and somewhat hectic crowd like the lovely Shea Marie from Peace Love Shea and Nicole from Gary PepperMy outfit was somewhat simple, I combined a classic black lace dress with a black and white fedora and my new Karen Millen black and white embroidered clutch. The Roberto Cavalli show was amazing! I loved both the more Rock Romantic black pieces and the gorgeous open worked and embellished white and cream looks, both looks I would wear in a heartbeat!

 photo milanfashionweekday3-6_zpsb32c8e9a.jpg  photo milanfashionweekday3-13_zpsc35c7c7f.jpg  photo milanfashionweekday3-15_zpsf591d36e.jpg  photo milanfashionweekday3-14_zps2f0139e9.jpg  photo milanfashionweekday3-8_zps15ef4b85.jpg  photo milanfashionweekday3-9_zpsf1b5e925.jpg  photo milanfashionweekday3-4_zps8582f07a.jpg  photo milanfashionweekday3-2_zpscc0a61a6.jpg  photo milanfashionweekday3-19_zps69f6d879.jpg  photo milanfashionweekday3-17_zps29847a32.jpg  photo milanfashionweekday3-12_zps7c75204d.jpg  photo milanfashionweekday3-21_zps542bdc02.jpg  photo milanfashionweekday3-23_zps0223d50d.jpg  photo milanfashionweekday3-24_zps8faf484f.jpg


Monday, September 23, 2013

MFW Street Style

 photo milanstreetstyle-1_zpsca12eabb.jpg

Milan Fashion Week is amazing so far! It seems like the whole City is one big runway, high heels, clutches, lush embellishments, statement colors and even more so Street Style photographers!
The scenery plays itself like a painting or a theater play where hectic crowds of photographers circle and swarm their prey for those perfect captures, it is these photos of the street style scenery itself that I like so much and capture that Fashion Week feel.

photo's by Joey

 photo milanstreetstyle-3_zps9e0f076a.jpg  photo milanstreetstyle-2_zpsacda56b4.jpg  photo milanstreetstyle-4_zps29346bbc.jpg


Friday, September 20, 2013

Top 10 Fashion Blogger - Special Recap

 photo uno_zps5ea70fd1.jpg
photo: songofstyle via the Coveteur

Happy Friday everyone! I'm on my way to Milan Fashion Week! I decided to leave you with a very special Top 10 Fashion Blogger recap collection for a few days until I get to post all my Milan updates and outfits! Going to Milan, Italy I cannot help but thinking about shopping; finding that perfect It-Bag, that perfect statement (and versatile  skirt, Home Decor, instagram posts, Photography, Romance and Beauty! Actually I think about Gelato too ;)

1) Top 10 Fashion Blogger Homes~ Part 2

One of my favorite Top 10's! The bloggers homes! I love snooping Home Decor and it's no surprise that gals with an amazing taste in Fashion have an exquisite taste in Home Decor too!

 photo uno_zps5ea70fd1.jpg
photo: songofstyle via the Coveteur

2) Top 10 Fashion Blogger Instagram

There is nothing better then following beautiful people on the go!

 photo leblogdebettyinstagram_zpsae8d38d5.jpg
instagram photos by LeBlogdeBetty @leblogdebetty

3) Top 10 Fashion Blogger It-Bags

Going to Milan I cannot help but hoping to get my hands on a perfect Bag! This Top 10 is all about bloggers and their It-Bags!

 photo 7183107045_ebb6b0b63d_b_zps788e471e.jpg
photo by Kate Loves Me (Celine Bag)

4) Top 10 Fashion Blogger Weddings

A little bit of Romance is all we need and I love looking at these blogger's gorgeous dream weddings!

 photo robe-de-mariee-wedding-dress-paulinefashionblogcom_-2-2_zpsb5d0263e.jpg
photo paulinefashionblog by Jean-Laurent

5) Top 10 Fashion Blogger Mommies

Blogger mommies and their Bambini's! We love looking at these hot Mommies!

 photo IMG1152_zps11103318.jpg
photo by/via Sofis Snapshots

6) Top 10 Fashion Blogger Beauty and Make-Up

We love looking at these Bloggers statement and signature Beauty and Make-Up looks!
 photo lipstick1-1024x682_zps3507138d.jpg
photo by Angelica Blick

7) Top 10 Fashion Blogger Photography

These bloggers are top notch when it comes to scenery and photography!

 photo 8113908047_d03824229f_o_zps2841a4bb.jpg
photo by WishWishWish

8) Top 10 Fashion Bloggers~ Zara Skort

We loved seeing how the same skirt was styled gorgeous and differently by these bloggers, making a simple skirt a true statement piece!

 photo AngelicaBlick2_zpsc8ff8616.jpg
photo by Angelica Blick


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Clutch and Jewelry

 photo cocorosa-verameatjewelry-6_zps6c64d938.jpg

I Always love new jewelry pieces! The coral colored leather Zara clutch is an absolute beauty and goes perfect with rose gold colors and my 3.1 Phillip Lim jumper! I found the twin Cross rings at Berhka for a few euros and the skeleton ring and grenade necklace (worn as a bracelet) are from New York based Verameat!

photos by Suz

 photo cocorosa-verameatjewelry-1_zps9e3b8a3b.jpg  photo cocorosa-verameatjewelry-5_zps00847c03.jpg

Monday, September 16, 2013

Heterochromatic Cat Dress

 photo cocorosa-catdress-1_zpsa3bd5ece.jpg

Wearing another Choies dress! (remember the Cloud printed dress and Gold Leaf heels) I'm loving the Cat print, the Cat's eyes are heterochromatic which adds a fun little detail to the dress! 

wearing: Bershka Baseball Hoodie, Choies Cat dress, Nike wedges, Frends Taylor Rosegold Headphones

Photos by Joey

 photo cocorosa-catdress-4_zpsb428e520.jpg  photo cocorosa-catdress-5_zps946f141a.jpg  photo cocorosa-catdress-9_zpse4701328.jpg  photo cocorosa-catdress-7_zps6f143a1e.jpg  photo cocorosa-catdress-8_zps39061cac.jpg  photo cocorosa-catdress-2_zps6977703f.jpg  photo cocorosa-catdress-11_zpscbb0f5fa.jpg


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers Mommies

 photo IMG1152_zps0fdd4942.jpg
photo by/via Sofis Snapshots

Today's Fashion Blogger top 10 is all about Chic Moms, Baby Bumps and Bellies, Bubs and fashionable little toddlers! More and more Fashion Bloggers are sporting baby bumps or have little bundles of joy already just like our Celebs and boy do they look amazing! Move over Kardashians! and check out this weeks list of the blog spheres hot and stylish Mommies!

1) Sofis Snapshots

Gorgeous Swedish blogger Sofi welcomed her little bundle of joy not too long ago, A beautiful Baby Girl named Lily! Sofi is one heck of a Stylish and Chic Mom and no need to say looked incredibly stylish being pregnant as well!

 photo gron_zps1addec66.jpg

2) My Daily Style

Spanish blogger Mireia is one voguish Mom with her little boy Bruno! We love how she incorporated her being a mom into her blog with amazing kiddie look books!

 photo pueblo-1-750x514_zps1aef75f5.jpg

3) Blue Bird Vintage

We love reading Bluebirdvintage and love everything about it! James and Aubrey are raising 4 kids and doing so amazingly!

 photo 6a00e554f1ae938833019aff538daa970d-800wi_zpse399f924.jpg

4) the Fashion Guitar

Charlotte is the proud and Chic mommy of little James! We loved following Charlottes pregnancy looks where she radiantly showed off her growing bump and love seeing her being a real dashing Mom!

 photo Screenshot2013-09-14at120816PM_zps93fd0f46.png

5) Cara Loren

Cara is the gorgeous mother of little Hanes, always looking stylish!

 photo IMG_5625_zpsf5259ebf.jpg

6) Une Armoire Pour Deux

Vanessa and Kevin are such a gorgeous couple and welcomed a little bundle of joy making it into Une Armoire Pour Trois!

 photo MG_3500_zps0b2a3778.jpg

 photo sneakerball1_zpsa8fd3d06.jpg

7) Love Aesthetics

Love Aesthetic's Ivania is the amazing mother of little Lois, who no doubt will grow up being as creative and trend forward as her Mum!

 photo loveaestheticscapsule_zps26712e1e.jpeg

8) Stylorectic

Another very hot and edgy Mom is Eszter of course!

 photo 2855_2_zpsa1f42ebd.jpg

9) Clamour4Glamour

Not to miss on this Mommy list is Danish blogger Camille!

 photo LL4261_zps4051e040.jpg

10) Mode junkie

Living in Germany, Fashion Blogger Anjelica shows us how to be incredibly fashionable as a Mom!

 photo 9619380051_9538980e15_b_zpsdf9b06b3.jpg

11) Love Taza

Naomi Davis is the gorgeous Mom of little Elenor and Samson! We just love these hip parents of two!

 photo liberty6-540x720_zpse2d7b210.jpg

12) Making Nice in the Midwest

We just love the vintage vibe of Mandi and her Baby Girl Lucy!

 photo the-living-room-of-Mandi-from-Making-Nice-in-the-Midwest-1_zps9aeaf122.jpg

13) Calivintage

Pregnant Erin looks amazingly glowing and radiant in her first few weeks and we can't wait to see her upcoming vintage inspired Baby Bump looks!

 photo IMG_0868_zps0dde7fd5.jpg

14) Fashion Bananas

We loved following Delmy's growing belly and loved to finally see her little Boy Gavin!

 photo 4th_zpsc7885513.jpg