Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Milan Fashion Week Day 3

 photo milanfashionweekday3-25_zps78933bcd.jpg

Milan Fashion Week Day 3 and my outfit to the Roberto Cavalli show! Stylight invited me over to MFW and had arranged an amazing flight, hotel and day! I had actually caught a cold but that didn't stop me from a quick walk around the City and a Stylight Dinner where I met a lot of Italian bloggers. We stayed in the amazing hotel Maison Moschino and after a quick but wonderful breakfast we went on our way to the Arco della Pace for the Roberto Cavalli Show. Luckily I got to see a few familiar faces among the big and somewhat hectic crowd like the lovely Shea Marie from Peace Love Shea and Nicole from Gary PepperMy outfit was somewhat simple, I combined a classic black lace dress with a black and white fedora and my new Karen Millen black and white embroidered clutch. The Roberto Cavalli show was amazing! I loved both the more Rock Romantic black pieces and the gorgeous open worked and embellished white and cream looks, both looks I would wear in a heartbeat!

 photo milanfashionweekday3-6_zpsb32c8e9a.jpg  photo milanfashionweekday3-13_zpsc35c7c7f.jpg  photo milanfashionweekday3-15_zpsf591d36e.jpg  photo milanfashionweekday3-14_zps2f0139e9.jpg  photo milanfashionweekday3-8_zps15ef4b85.jpg  photo milanfashionweekday3-9_zpsf1b5e925.jpg  photo milanfashionweekday3-4_zps8582f07a.jpg  photo milanfashionweekday3-2_zpscc0a61a6.jpg  photo milanfashionweekday3-19_zps69f6d879.jpg  photo milanfashionweekday3-17_zps29847a32.jpg  photo milanfashionweekday3-12_zps7c75204d.jpg  photo milanfashionweekday3-21_zps542bdc02.jpg  photo milanfashionweekday3-23_zps0223d50d.jpg  photo milanfashionweekday3-24_zps8faf484f.jpg


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