Saturday, March 31, 2012

3 Weekend Worthy things To Do {for your Home}

Photos by Paulina Arcklin and Tim Collins, Home stories and Deco ideas for magazines.

1) Getting Spring Ready

One thing I always do when I see editorials I really like is to look up the stylists, interior stylists and photographers online, most stylists have blogs, websites and/or online portfolio's where you can see more of what you loved about them in the first place! Paulina Arcklin is one of those Stylists I really like! I love to see her behind the scenes photos and love her eye for detail!

So to get to the point: Getting Spring ready by adding Green! Plants, flowers and green interior details! Plus add some Spring texture in Fabrics by using cotton and Linen! 

Most fun to do, by far, is a Seasonal make-over by painting old furniture, wooden crates and frames! and totally a Spring thing to do because you want the weather to allow you to open the windows to get rid of the smell! If not, there are always Easter Eggs that will need some color too of course!

btw. How delicious do these Paint-Tins look as color accent? And I bet we can give them a little job on their own like storing Pencils in them!

2) Using Something as Something else

The best thing ever!
Take one object (like a vintage suitcase) and use it as something else: bedside table, pet-bed, chair, storage for books, flower pot (why not?) or you can start packing for a weekend get-a-way of course :)It's totally perfect for the weekend because here it's actually important that you don't think rational!

the suitcase is of course just an example but what about an upside-down clothing hanger for your jewelry or this DIY bedside table? Or go totally cute with a diy tea-cup candle

photos via weheartit

3) Storage? Why? Books, Magazines and Shoes

Why bother storaging magazines, books and shoes, there is no space left anyway and they actually look good when placed right! Plus you don't have to buy new books, magazines and shoes while still getting that same exiting feeling when they are re-organized and placed nicely on a shelf!

inspiration: top 10 fashion blogger homes

photos: The Glamourai's home by The Coveteur, Song of Style


Friday, March 30, 2012

Getting Curve-ID'd!

Levi's Curve ID Advertisement photographed by VIVIANE SASSEN + Event photo's by me

Yesterday I went to Amsterdam to attend Levi's Fitting event together with Yara and Cindy

We got measured for our perfect Levi's Curve ID and tried a pair of jeans that fitted perfectly! The concept of the Levi's Curve ID is that it focuses on your body shape instead of your size and you can get measured for a Slight, Demi or Bold curve in any of their stores!(and even do a little online test!) 

I got measured a Slight Curve and fell in love with the ankle skinny in coral! Perfect for Spring!



Thursday, March 29, 2012

OUTFIT: White embroidered flowers and Dr Martens

wearing: Zara sequined biker jacket, Zara eyelet/embroidered flowers top, Chloe silk eyelet skirt, Dr Martens boots

I always love wearing romantic, sweet items with Biker jackets and boots, and this Zara top is just a perfect match when it comes to that! I actually went back to the Zara the other day to buy the same top in a pastel pink color! The lime green heels I loved so much where nowhere to be found but I noticed a leather biker jacket that looked really good! I do love the jacket that I'm wearing right now but uhm come on, it are sequins and I don't want to wear sequins everyday haha!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Grazia Magazine

I'm in this weeks Grazia Magazine! So cool!
Together with Cindy from comeovertothedarksidewehavecandy, Joy from justlikesushi and Leroy from commedesleroi!  

We will be the speakers at Grazia's Blogger masterclass hosted in Amsterdam on April 18th! I'm so exited plus I'm really looking forward talking about everything blog related going from Photography to the business-side of it!

You can subscribe to the masterclass HERE! Really looking forward seeing everyone there!!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

OUTFIT: Wondering Whites

Wearing: Zara Blazer, Zara Eyelet Top, H&M trousers, Silver Glitter heels from Beacon's Closet

And here is the full white look! I was wondering (while waiting for the Fedex)why it is that I love the color white more in Spring looks instead of Summer Outfits (same with the color Green and Lavender).. I think it has something to do with the freshness that comes with Spring.. (think fresh mowed grass, the scent of Clean Linen and the typical Spring flowers)and talking about fresh colors: I saw some amazing lime green platform sling-back shoes in the Zara that would look amazing with all-white outfits as well.. shall I or shall I not?



Monday, March 26, 2012

OUTFIT: Oscar M.

Oscar Magnuson glasses via Bloggers Wardrobe, Zara eyelet sleeveless shirt, H&M trousers, Beacons Closet silver glitter heels.

Looks like Spring came early this year! The weather is amazing, I can't believe it's only March! I still have to edit the full look but I just couldn't wait sharing these for now! (So happy with my new Camera!!)


Saturday, March 24, 2012


images via lolcats and  roflcat,

Perfect for weekend smiles are funny Cat Memes!
and I'm not the only one who thinks Cats (and other Pets and animals) relate to Fashion **somehow** (nom nom nom) NSMBL has these amazing posts where she always finds the best Cat Quirks around the net! These are my Top 3 Cat posts found on NSMBL!!

1) Fashimals

Famous Fashion People as Animals!

2) Movies Recast with Cats
Another great Cat post found on NSMBL! Movie posters with Cats!

And for those who like Dogs:

3) Famous Men who love their Cats

HmmmmmMen + their Cats!(original source printerest)

Have a nice Caturday!

Friday, March 23, 2012

COCOROSA x Manhattan Cosmetics

Remember I was in New York for a Photoshoot last September?
It was for Manhattan Cosmetics! I'm their face for the new Follow Manhattan campaign! It's still all so unbelievable, being flown to New York and seeing my own face in make-up ads in magazines.. I don't really know what to say besides a big thank you to Manhattan, their amazing team and all of you for reading my blog :)



Thursday, March 22, 2012

Testing, one two three...

I've spend the whole day testing my new Camera (Mark II) and lens! (the lens is a Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM) It's like a whole new world! and I have so much more to learn! It was a very cloudy and pretty dark day actually with a lots of wind, so it seems the camera and lens have no problem with that! 

I mostly have to get used to the lens, I like the fact that we can finally zoom in and out (I mostly use a 50mm lens) but the lens slims down (compared with the 50mm) And me being already very skinny the last thing I need is a lens that takes away the pounds!.. but maybe that's just me and how we used the lens..

So yes, back to fashion: On this new Camera Safari/Adventure I wore a Zara floral dress, H&M Army Jacket and Asos dr. Martens boots!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

OUTFIT: Gudrun&Gudrun

Gundrun&Gudrun crochet sweater via Bloggers Wardrobe

The Gudrun&Gudrun sweater feels amazing! I guess it's the Marino Wool+Silk+Alpaca blend :) I really like soft colored chunky open knits for spring so I went ahead with a spring-ish styling with pink TopShop jeans, Zara heels and Rebecca Minkoff's woven flame bag!

I guess these are the last photos taken with my old camera!! I bought a new one this weekend! I'm so exited and still testing all the new features out!


Monday, March 19, 2012

Something New

Little outfit sneak peek, with my new sweater peeping out!
( Shall I give a sweater hint? HINT! )


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Top 10 Fashion Blogger Designers & Artists

Cinemagraph by From Me To You

A lot of Fashion Bloggers (some of whom even started their blogs randomly while still being in school) have started own labels, stores and companies over time and grew out to be well known creative forces outside of the blogsphere with features and editorials in magazines, advertising campaigns and a even a clientele involving Lady Gaga!

And at the same time they are also a lot of well known Fashion Bloggers who started blogs as Photographers, Designers and Illustrators to promote their works and grew out to be famous on the other end of the spectrum. 

One thing is for sure; There is many many great talent in, on and around the Blogsphere and for many the Fashion Blogs have delivered an abundance of opportunities in the creative fields!

Check out Today's Top 10 Fashion Blogger Designers & Artists!

1) Le Petit Echo Malade

Artists Vincent Pianina and Lorenzo Papace show us that pulling off a great parody is an art on its own, the amount of time put into the details with hilarious creative "solutions" in the backdrops, these Fashion Blogger Parodies and videos are just brilliantly done!

Totally check out this video and this one (Garance Doré video parody)

2) From Me to You

Jamie Beck is a New York photographer creating amazing delicate Cinemagraphs!

3) Garance Doré

Illustrator and photographer, and together with Scott Schuman's Sartorialist Fashion Blog's tour de force.

4) The Blond Salad

Shame on me, but I often forget that Chiara Ferragni is not only one of the most successful Fashion Bloggers but a very successful shoe designer as well! and Boy, do I love these shoes!

5) Danny Roberts - Igor & Andre

Danny and David Roberts are the faces behind Igor & Andre, A blog showcasing Danny's amazing Fashion Illustrations, drawings, paintings and the very famously known Fashion Blogger Series!

6) Fifi Lapin

Who doesn't like a little fashion Bunny living in a Bunny world?
I am dying to know who the face is behind these little Bunny ears! 

7) Kelly Framel - The Glamourai

Jewelry Designer and Fashion Blogger Kelly Framel is growing out to be a Glamperium for sure! I really hope we can continue to enjoy her designs!

8) Zana Bayne - Garbage Dress

A Brilliant Fashion blogger and leather accessory designer, Zana Bayne's leather harnesses can be seen on Lady Gaga and Katy Perry and if that's not enough she also made the forbes list 30 under 30 in art & design where she shares the list with Alexander Wang!

9) Luxirare

A blog about Killer clothes and Fine Cuisine with Brilliant Designs!

10) Elin Kling - Nowhere

Elin Kling's Nowhere is seen Everywhere! 

Nowhere is designed by Nhu Duong with creative direction by Elin Kling (an online-exclusive cooperation with

11) Nancy Zhang - The Sea of Fertility

Xiaoxi (Nancy) Zhang is besides a well known blogger an Artist, Designer and Illustrator as well! Her beautiful Illustrations are seen in loads of magazines and featured in many exiting collaborations!

12) Saga Sig

London based, Icelandic Fashion Photographer Saga Sig shoots amazing lookbooks and editorials for the likes of Dazed&Confused, ID online and Nylon Mexico to name a few. I'm a big fan!

13) Christeric - Unif Clothing

Christine is a Fashion Blogger and Designer with her own label: Unif

14) Ulicam

Photographer and Illustrator Ulrika Kestere stole my heart with the "Girl with 7 Horses" Photo project (I would say where photography meets storytelling at its best) I can't wait for more projects!