Thursday, October 31, 2013

Outfit Recap

 photo cocorosaoutfitrecapsepoct_zpsc77119cd.jpg
looks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

In case you missed one of my looks as of late! Last month I wore way more dark tones, the colors really shifted toward fall/winter with here and there soft pastels in soft silhouettes. My favorite looks are the light pink Valentino coat, the pastel cropped top and trousers, the printed dress and the sequined skirt and "nerd" baseball cap!

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New Boots

 photo cocorosa-boots-6_zpsc9c057aa.jpg

My new boots of lately! Buckles, Cut-Outs, Croc leather, white rubber soles and Miista's glitter soles! It's hard to say which are my favorites because I love them all in their own way and can't wait to style them!

Choies Buckle boots, Choies croc leather boots, TopShop multi buckle boots, Miista x Urban Outfitters boots

 photo cocorosa-boots-2_zps2b3430d1.jpg
 photo cocorosa-boots-3_zps059ef8c9.jpg  photo cocorosa-boots-5_zps78e843df.jpg  photo cocorosa-boots-4_zps97626222.jpg


Sunday, October 27, 2013


 photo cocorosa-theoutnet-12_zps9f394f84.jpg

Last week I was in New York for not one but two very special projects! THE OUTNET asked me to style my favorite OUTNET cashmere items in a fun Williamsburg, Brooklyn photo shoot and here are the results!

 photo cocorosa-theoutnet-16_zpsedd53f30.jpg

My favorite cashmere items from THE OUTNET are the IRIS & INK black angora blend sweater the Rugby-striped sweater and the Burgundy Contrast-sleeved sweater! The high quality jumpers are super soft and all very simple and easy to style making them both versatile and super comfortable! I loved that the fit allowed me to tuck the sweaters in the Alice + Olivia sequined skirt for a more styled look. My idea was to show the sweaters in the exact same look to show what a difference and statement a solid, color block or striped sweater makes to an entire look! 

wearing: IRIS & INK black angora blend sweater, IRIS & INK Rugby sweater, IRIS & INK Contrast sleeve sweater, Alice + Olivia gold sequined skirt, Choies boots, forever21 NERD and MEOW caps

 photo cocorosa-theoutnet-15_zpsd5319218.jpg  photo cocorosa-theoutnet-11_zpsa163c898.jpg  photo cocorosa-theoutnet-14_zps532c33de.jpg  photo cocorosa-theoutnet-17_zpsf0754ec7.jpg  photo cocorosa-theoutnet-8_zpsfad28544.jpg  photo cocorosa-theoutnet-18_zps5a62415c.jpg  photo cocorosa-theoutnet-9_zps67efbc3d.jpg  photo cocorosa-theoutnet-6_zps2b690679.jpg  photo cocorosa-theoutnet-4_zpsa1825ca4.jpg  photo cocorosa-theoutnet-1_zps0e9bfebf.jpg  photo cocorosa-theoutnet-19_zps41b0b6de.jpg  photo cocorosa-theoutnet-5_zpsd2f22c26.jpg


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Muubaa Leather and Shearling vest

 photo cocorosa-muubaa-leathervest-2_zps598b4499.jpg

Letting my inner tom-boy come out by wearing tracksuit inspired trousers and Muubaa's Aurora shearling biker jacket (on THE OUTNET here) in an androgynous look! The leather and shearling vest is Muubaa's biker jacket with it's sleeves detached (yes, detachable zipped sleeves), I love wearing it as a vest with t-shirts. The batman T-shirt is my Boyfriend's that i just had to steal, I love snooping through his collection of t-shirts, I can't help it ;)

wearing: Muubaa leather and shearling vest/jacket, Humanoid woolen tracking pants, Miista Rula loafer, Bershka (menswear) t-shirt

 photo cocorosa-muubaa-leathervest-4_zps0068ded6.jpg  photo cocorosa-muubaa-leathervest-5_zpsc4219225.jpg  photo cocorosa-muubaa-leathervest-9_zps1a0b42a9.jpg  photo cocorosa-muubaa-leathervest-8_zps8bb50ad3.jpg  photo cocorosa-muubaa-leathervest-1_zpsc094a1c0.jpg

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

REDValentino Printed Dress

 photo cocorosa-redValentino-printeddress-5_zps4f9a956e.jpg

I never thought I would feel this at home in an all over printed dress! I thought the REDValentino dress looked okay on the hanger, cute but not stellar... that is until I tried it on! I love it! I never expected I would really love every inch of this dress the way I do. The colors, the print, the shape! I think it's always good to try on different and new items, not only the ones you are drawn to at first but to be open minded when it comes to new looks, to go outside of your comfort zone a little bit and you may find something delicious like I did. 

ps. I just woke up in one of the greatest cities in the world! Can you guess where ;)

wearing: REDValentino Printed Dress, Zara heels

 photo cocorosa-redValentino-printeddress-3_zpsaae0861e.jpg  photo cocorosa-redValentino-printeddress-1_zps70f2fa6c.jpg  photo cocorosa-redValentino-printeddress-6_zps279c7b11.jpg  photo cocorosa-redValentino-printeddress-7_zpsc4c0a087.jpg  photo cocorosa-redValentino-printeddress-2_zps35368477.jpg

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Studded transparent shoulder bag

 photo cocorosa-studdedtransparantbag-7_zps159f1373.jpg

Studs? check, Transparent? check! My new transparent shoulder bag with light pink lining, studs and golden chain is my latest wardrobe addition! The bag is heavily (and heavenly) Valentino inspired and even not being the real deal I adore it just the same, actually it makes me crave a real Valentino even more! 

 photo cocorosa-studdedtransparantbag-9_zpsc6225ac2.jpg  photo cocorosa-studdedtransparantbag-8_zps0854615c.jpg  photo cocorosa-studdedtransparantbag-2_zps027259bf.jpg  photo cocorosa-studdedtransparantbag-5_zpsb81efb88.jpg  photo cocorosa-studdedtransparantbag-3_zps54481e01.jpg  photo cocorosa-studdedtransparantbag-6_zps2899f9bd.jpg

Friday, October 18, 2013

Two Toned

 photo cocorosa-colorblock-1_zps78c7200f.jpg

Sometimes all you need is a little simplicity! This dress is one of my favorite dresses for when traveling, the boxy shape moves easily around the body and the dress has pockets, something I always love for some reason, the pastel and black color blocking/two-tone gives the dress just a little extra so I couldn't resist matching it with my two tone fedora! 

wearing: H&M dress, Zara heels, 2 Tone Fedora

 photo cocorosa-colorblock-3_zps81a84a33.jpg  photo cocorosa-colorblock-2_zps2099a758.jpg


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Grazia x Specsavers photoshoot

 photo cocorosa-specsavers-grazia-2_zps62299c53.jpg

Helena Christensen launched a collection of glasses "Selected by Helena Christensen" for Specsavers, a collection of glasses that she loves the most! Together with Cindy, Roos-Anne, Tess and Linsey I modeled some of the selected glasses in a gorgeous photoshoot by Marc Deurlo for Grazia Magazine of which a little preview was printed in the magazine last week! The shoot was inspired by a photoshoot Helena photographed herself, and no need to say I felt right at home in the soft fuzzy pastels and I kind of fell in love with the bright red glasses too! 

 photo cocorosa-specsavers-grazia-9_zps2734105d.jpg  photo cocorosa-specsavers-grazia-11_zps5a35ab26.jpg

Monday, October 14, 2013

Mixing Prints and Embellishments

 photo cocorosa-melvinhamiltonlayering-12_zps530f6dde.jpg

Every now and then I love a Mix and Match of multiple prints and embellishments! The Zara embellished jumper has the perfect boxy shape and is just such a gem to style with prints and colors like the Plaid and floral shorts! I finished the look with Chelsea boots, a woven leather bag, my Anthropologie embellished necklace and a Boxy short coat!

Wearing: Melvin&Hamilton Chelsea Boots, Zara embellished jumper, Zara shorts, Melvin&Hamilton woven leather bag, H&M Trend coat, Anthropologie Embellished necklace

 photo cocorosa-melvinhamiltonlayering-13_zps45ed8b9e.jpg  photo cocorosa-melvinhamiltonlayering-11_zps45f8794e.jpg  photo cocorosa-melvinhamiltonlayering-6_zpsba9523a7.jpg  photo cocorosa-melvinhamiltonlayering-7_zpsd06fea32.jpg  photo cocorosa-melvinhamiltonlayering-10_zps3b0d7000.jpg  photo cocorosa-melvinhamiltonlayering-8_zps7c492e2c.jpg  photo cocorosa-melvinhamiltonlayering-1_zps85d07dc0.jpg  photo cocorosa-melvinhamiltonlayering-5_zpsf8736c28.jpg  photo cocorosa-melvinhamiltonboots-2_zpsd95a8f08.jpg