Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cropped Top and Goddess Heels

 photo cocorosa-croppedtop-2_zps00048f63.jpg

I feel like the lush gold leaved heels easily transform the most simple soft looks to something goddess-like and glamorous! Although I still feel when wearing them the only thing worshipped are my feet ;) With heels like this it's so expected to wear dresses and skirts so I was dying to combine them with menswear-tailored trousers for a relaxed, sophisticated yet very feminine look! (ps for those who don't like to balance on incredible heels they have them in flats too!)

Wearing: Choies gold flames heels, HM Trend trousers, Bershka cropped top

 photo cocorosa-croppedtop-6_zps658352bf.jpg  photo cocorosa-croppedtop-10_zps5dc5dc67.jpg  photo cocorosa-croppedtop-9_zps98a81d6a.jpg  photo cocorosa-croppedtop-8_zps4d4f421c.jpg  photo cocorosa-croppedtop-7_zpsbe2e6a11.jpg  photo cocorosa-croppedtop-4_zpsc8d5137d.jpg  photo cocorosa-croppedtop-1_zpsa690d931.jpg


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