Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 to 2014 Favorite Hair Tutorials

 photo twistedbuns-1_zps42ccf818.jpg

We will almost say goodbye to 2013 and welcome 2014! I hope this new year will bring you all the glitter, glamour and happiness you deserve. 2013 was another hair obsessed year for me in which I collected many of the best tutorials for creating perfect date hair, sexy hair, braids and updos! I hope you will love everything to come and hopefully these tutorials will keep helping you to transform your locks as much as they did in 2013. I do think looking gorgeous starts with lovely hair!

Favorite Sexy Hair tutorials

These sexy hair tutorials were perfect for 2013 and will surely bring us more oooohs and aaaaahs for 2014!


 photo popular-hairstyles-from-pinterest_zps3366f87a.jpg

Favorite First Date Hair tutorials

My favorite hair tutorials for dream dates that will hopefully serve you perfectly in the new year!


 photo date-hair-tutorials_zps51ca612d.jpg

Favorite Short Hair tutorials

Starting the new year with new hair? I love these short hair tutorials, I think we often forget how much we can do we an amazing short do!


 photo shorthair_zps71dbcefd.jpg

Favorite runway frizzy Hair tutorials

These might very well be the best tutorials for tonights festive hair! big frizzy, curly do's to go with the bubbles and sparkles for New Years celebration!


 photo frizzy-5_zps355b3785.jpg

Favorite Fishtail and Waterfall Braid tutorials

The most gorgeous dreamy braids for any occasion and a must for the coming Spring and Summer months!


 photo fishtailandwaterfallbraids-1_zpsc8d98e7a.jpg

Favorite Ponytail tutorials

Because every year is a ponytail year! These ponytail tutorials are just perfect to get those classic, knotted or twisted pony's perfect!


 photo favoriteponytailtutorials_zpscfd61fdb.jpg

Favorite Knotted and Twisted updo tutorials

These tutorials are perfect to transform an everyday do, one of my favorite posts in 2013 and I will happily use these in 2014 too!


 photo twistedbuns-1_zps42ccf818.jpg

Favorite Flower Crown tutorials

No it's no Spring/Summer yet... but I can't help looking forward to with these tutorials ;)


 photo floralcrowns-1_zps44893215.jpg


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Top 10 fashion Blogger ~2013 overview~

 photo robe-de-mariee-wedding-dress-paulinefashionblogcom_-2-2_zpsb7f9b545.jpg
photo paulinefashionblog by Jean-Laurent

2013 is coming close to an end so what better way to finish than with recaps and overviews of this years most beloved posts? One of my favorite posts to work on are the "Top 10 Fashion Blogger" series" and this year was no different! This year brought us more Top 10 lists with homes, boyfriends, weddings, cities and many more!

Top 10 Fashion Blogger Beauty and Make-Up

A list full of the most gorgeous make-up and beauty looks!


 photo lipstick1-1024x682_zps5f50a20f.jpg
photo by Angelica Blick

Top 10 Fashion Blogger Instagram

A Top 10 with must follow Fashion Bloggers on Instagram.


 photo leblogdebettyinstagram_zps004b5291.jpg
instagram photos by LeBlogdeBetty @leblogdebetty

Top 10 Fashion Blogger Weddings

One of the most gorgeous Top 10's, full of dreamy weddings!


 photo robe-de-mariee-wedding-dress-paulinefashionblogcom_-2-2_zpsb7f9b545.jpg
photo paulinefashionblog by Jean-Laurent

Top 10 Fashion Blogger Homes ~ part 2

Another top 10 list full of Blogger Homes and Apartments.


 photo uno_zps9d94c9a3.jpg
photo: songofstyle via the Coveteur

Top 10 Fashion Blogger Photography

A Top 10 list with bloggers known for their amazing photography!


 photo 8113908047_d03824229f_o_zps88d2167c.jpg
photo by WishWishWish

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers from LA

A Top 10 list with our favorite bloggers from LA.


 photo 8683976973_3f6d6b2010_o_zps46c0bc0e.jpg
photo by FashionToast

Top 10 Fashion Blogger Mommies

Look at these Blogger Mommies! Another list I completely adore.


 photo IMG1152_zps7a9a473c.jpg
photo by/via Sofis Snapshots

Top 10 Fashion Blogger ~ Zara Skort

One of the most popular fashion items this year. A Top 10 with the bloggers wearing the Zara Skort.


 photo AngelicaBlick2_zpsb48fe866.jpg
photo by Angelica Blick

Top 10 Fashion Blogger from Italy

Our favorite bloggers from Italy!


 photo 9956167265_3206778a71_o_zps046e0c29.jpg
photo by the Blonde Salad

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers from Stockholm

Another Fashion City and its bloggers not to miss, Stockholm!


 photo IMG_0473_zps1c42c21d.jpg
photo via Kenza

Top 10 Fashion Blogger Boyfriends {part 3}

See the handsome boyfriends of these bloggers in this hunky Top 10!


 photo 201311_alberta_ferretti_tulle_gonna_02_zps8001f938.jpg
Photo by/via the Fashion Fruit

Top 10 Fashion Blogger It-Bags

Bloggers and their it-bags! We love this Top 10!


 photo 7183107045_ebb6b0b63d_b_zpsfd80c9a1.jpg
photo by Kate Loves Me (Celine Bag)

Top 10 Fashion Blogger Balenciaga Boots

One of the most popular boots this year needed a Top 10 too! 


 photo 9396472464_09321168ee_o_zps9ad1b66a.jpg
photo the Blonde Salad

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers from Amsterdam

A list of amazing bloggers from Amsterdam.


 photo thumb_zps9f9ce425.jpeg
photo by AfterDRK

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers Festival Looks

A gorgeous Top 10 with the best Festival looks!


 photo natalieofduty4_zps8def6932.jpg
photo by Natalie off Duty

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers Christmas Looks

A festive holiday top 10 full with gorgeous Christmas looks.


 photo leblogdebettychristmas_zpsf832cf2d.jpg
photo by le Blog de Betty


Friday, December 27, 2013

All black

 photo cocorosa-allblack-4_zps461d76ad.jpg

An all black look after the Holidays! I just got back home from some amazing festive days, am I silly that I already look forward to next year? I'm wearing an all black look today, the fun about all black is that metallic buckles, belts, watches and even headphones stand out even more. The t-Shirt is actually this shirt but reversed ;)

TopShop (reversed) T-shirt, Bershka Jeans, Isabel Marant pour H&M belt, H&M Cardigan, Frends headphones, Nixon 42-20 Chrono watch, Choies bag, Choies Buckle boots

 photo cocorosa-allblack-1_zps85ec30bf.jpg  photo cocorosa-allblack-5_zps1638d110.jpg  photo cocorosa-allblack-2_zpsab208462.jpg  photo cocorosa-allblack-3_zps0eda3fae.jpg


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays

 photo cocorosa-christmas-9_zps879ccb2e.jpg

Happy Holidays! I will be away for a few days, spending Christmas with my family, so excited! I'm still in the high hopes of a white Christmas but decided not to wait for the weather and created a Winter Wonderland on my own, wearing my soft creamy white tights for tonight. I hope everyone will have a truly lovely time infused with everything that makes this season such a gem; food, family, gifts and snow!

wearing: Choies bull terrier sweater, flare skirt, pom pom heels, H&M soft white tights, Scotch&Soda blouse

 photo cocorosa-christmas-2_zpsccc0944d.jpg  photo cocorosa-christmas-6_zpsbbde1383.jpg  photo cocorosa-christmas-4_zpse31b0fdd.jpg  photo cocorosa-christmas-1_zps1a5ef8df.jpg  photo cocorosa-christmas-11_zpsdb1794fa.jpg


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers Christmas Looks

 photo leblogdebettychristmas_zpsb3454f19.jpg
photo by le Blog de Betty

A few more days and we will be sitting under the Christmas tree unwrapping presents, blaring carols and having that perfect family meal. So what do we wear out and about or cozy at home? Glittery party dresses, shiny sequins, authentic cozy tartan, jingling sweaters or big bows? After the Top 10 Party looks and Winter Wonderlands all we were missing was a Top 10 Fashion Bloggers Christmas looks. For this Top 10 we looked at our favorite bloggers to see how they dress and style their Holiday looks!

1) le Blog de Betty

Betty got everything about Christmas right! She really nails the Oh so famous "Christmas Sweater" (in this case a tree) and styles it with metallic jeans and gorgeous boots. She's not only styling the sweater into perfection but makes gorgeous looks with glittery bows and tulle too! (always perfect Christmas ingredients)


 photo 8300999746_d54b45e0a5_o_zps0d4a1208.jpg  photo 8299946245_1e067fb4fc_o_zps8d82b3a3.jpg  photo 8300999546_b50a7822aa_o_zps2a25ea4a.jpg  photo 8299946009_a4c9dbe954_o_zpsf9f5f69c.jpg  photo 8304812844_ae96fecf3b_o_zpse3749c33.jpg  photo 8305883249_1c2ecf9e05_o_zpsd02e5426.jpg

2) the Blonde Salad

Chiara shows us that sequins are the way too go, a Christmas timeless classic! Very smart to style the black shimmer with gorgeous red heels or golden sequins with burgundy velvet flats! For ultra glam looks she sticks to glittery gold and black or goes for full Christmas red.


 photo 8301169269_758794ab3d_o_zps8e6bf0dd.jpg  photo 8301170551_ce954140b3_o_zps1bffb3d9.jpg  photo 8312460508_6f33f798fc_o_zps3daa8f67.jpg photo 8312461000_fe638398e5_o_zpsfd2f4beb.jpg  photo 11362146286_bbb7d41b93_o_zps777e9c72.jpg  photo 11362142206_91fe2d0c35_o_zpseae7743f.jpg

3) the Cherry Blossom Girl

Alix keeps Christmas fun and playful with a skater shaped dress, glittery accessories and a bow or a mix of white tulle with a red bow.


 photo 6258918648_1dd7f34b65_o_zps0eed4b52.png  photo 6258392943_50d65c94a4_o_zps64825474.png  photo 6258393223_18c3011d33_o_zps7c19eb87.png  photo 6258920042_1012d756a4_o_zpse73a9e40.png  photo Snow-cat-02_zpsfb6f0796.jpg  photo Snow-cat-06_zpse5b3d440.jpg

4) Sea of Shoes

There is nothing wrong with feeling (and looking) like Santa at home! After all this is the most perfect pyjama wearing day of the year. We also adore the full tulle look, feeling like the nutcracker ballet indeed.


 photo DSC_0075_zps25b802cb.jpg  photo 6a00d8345282b769e2017c346b94fd970b-700wi_zpsbce6da82.jpg  photo 6a00d8345282b769e2017d3e9a619b970c-700wi_zps53c96724.jpg

5) Atlantic Pacific

Blair's Holiday looks are both clever and stunning. The tartan shirt on the black sequined skirt feels like what Christmas is all about. A bit of glitter and shine and a lot of home; fireplaces , unwrapping gifts under the tree, family meals, tartan does exactly feels like that. We also adore the gold sweater with a burgundy feather skirt and the daring minty Christmas look!


 photo Atlantic-Pacific_BlackSkirt4_zps7d649182.jpg  photo Atlantic-Pacific_BlackSkirt16_zpsdea93bac.jpg  photo Atlantic-Pacific_BlackSkirt10_zps14496621.jpg  photo cCM2106_zps27743f98.jpg  photo MONO_7_zps4091e65b.jpg  photo MONO_4_zps4f926c5c.jpg

6) Kayture

No doubt, Kristina is the queen of glitter and glam and let's not forget that she not only gets sequins right but also Holiday make-up! 


 photo KTR_9092_zpsd87fb81f.jpg  photo _KTR9788_zps2bceecaa.jpg  photo KTR_8451_zps80976aa6.jpg  photo 8365665472_c1ff5d4a5a_b_zps1c6ed405.jpg

7) the Glamourai

Kelly's fireplace tartan Christmas in pyjama's and blankets looks more than perfect, and when not cuddled up do like Kelly too and go for shimmer, bows or a fancy embellished boucle jacket. 


 photo Aerie1_zpse8e3b909.jpg  photo glamourai_nina1w1_zpsc0bb7719.jpg  photo glamourai_TiffanyHoliday_7w_zpsd3cf8706.jpg

8) Song of Style 

It's a simplicity we love for Christmas, maybe it's the movement we need for unwrapping gifts or the space we need for stuffing ourselves with food or maybe it's just that we like being comfortable and cozy at home. But when you do decide to dress up... we love this tartan chic dress and gorgeous red bow heels!


 photo 3_zpsed4808cd.jpg  photo song-of-style-karen-millen-plaid-dress-2_zps8b7ac87d.jpg

9) Wish Wish Wish

Carrie does the whole Holiday season right! Sweaters, tartan, tights, bows and even earmuffs end up looking Christmas perfect!


 photo 11372916184_a99afa34d6_o_zps093972f8.jpg  photo 11372883526_5d086c8e9b_b_zps5c85f456.jpg  photo 11243816963_f9ed6d200a_b_zpsb83cf14b.jpg  photo 11212433465_c0ef982647_b_zpsfcec65f3.jpg  photo 8317966527_6435703fd2_b_zps7a1c04fe.jpg  photo 8319022038_e5f636f6f3_o_zps208530bc.jpg

10) Eleonore Bridge

Another Holiday season prefect dresser is Eleonore, her color use in knits, coats and sweaters and glitters in fun brogues put the "Merry" in Merry Christmas. 


 photo wwwleblogdelamechantefr-51_zps55135ef6.jpg  photo wwwleblogdelamechantefr-22_zpsb0d9b034.jpg  photo wwwleblogdelamechantefr-21_zpsdec17126.jpg

11) Mariannan

Last but not least we love how Marianna styles a happy Holiday-Sweater with a lace skirt and glitter tights! Simple and Homey.


 photo 11469648643_83281890f6_o_zpsef07a6fc.jpg