Friday, December 6, 2013

When sneakers are a little bit different

 photo cocorosa-inkkas-black-5_zps0a222635.jpg

I actually have a fairly big sneaker collection, if I say so myself that is.. My go-to sneakers as of lately are my black Inkkas! The Inkkas are comfortable like Vans but thanks to the South American print clearly a bit different! My Boyfriend has them in grey (talk about a his and hers trend) It's funny to see how he gets stopped a lot on the street by people asking him where he got his sneakers. I'm still totally new to kickstarter but Inkkas is clearly one of those kickstarter succes stories!

 photo cocorosa-inkkas-black-2_zps01d16836.jpg  photo cocorosa-inkkas-black-1_zps74fde307.jpg


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