Monday, December 9, 2013

Just in Time

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Just in time for the Holidays! WhoWhatWear asked me to style my favorite Nixon Watches in three looks during the day; morning, noon and evening. I had so much fun putting the gorgeous The 42-20 Chrono, the Monarch and the icy chic Monopoly to the test and making looks with them. My absolute favorite watch of the season has to be the masculine 42-20 Chrono, the watch is absolutely perfect in it's big size and with its bold details, I'm still swooning over this baby every day!

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The 42-20 Chrono

Starting off the day hanging out with friends. A simple heavy metal tee, sequined shorts and boots were asking for some heavy metal on their own. The big, bold and heavily menswear inspired 42-20 Chrono watch is a real tour de force, perfect to kickstart any day!

 photo cocorosa-nixon-chrono-5_zps94bedcd6.jpg  photo cocorosa-nixon-chrono-1_zps25894dd5.jpg  photo cocorosa-nixon-2_zpsaeb24938.jpg

The Monarch 

Dressing up for a work related lunch meeting I went for classics with a twist, inspired by suiting I matched a classic blouse and blazer with light hearted trousers with the intricate and rich gold and tortoise of the Nixon Monarch adding an instant Chic!

 photo cocorosa-nixon-monarch-4_zpsa45da0f6.jpg  photo cocorosa-nixon-monarch-3_zpsd28850d3.jpg

The Monopoly

Hopping on to a fun music and bubbles infused store opening event later in the afternoon, I decided to play up the tech inner city feel with a big fuzzy coat, tights, heels and finally slacking up on jewelry with necklaces and some colorful bracelets to go with the sleek, icy and strong streamlined feel of the Nixon Monopoly watch.

 photo cocorosa-nixon-monopoly-4_zps821113e1.jpg  photo cocorosa-nixon-monopoly-3_zps154f4b91.jpg


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