Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 to 2014 Favorite Hair Tutorials

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We will almost say goodbye to 2013 and welcome 2014! I hope this new year will bring you all the glitter, glamour and happiness you deserve. 2013 was another hair obsessed year for me in which I collected many of the best tutorials for creating perfect date hair, sexy hair, braids and updos! I hope you will love everything to come and hopefully these tutorials will keep helping you to transform your locks as much as they did in 2013. I do think looking gorgeous starts with lovely hair!

Favorite Sexy Hair tutorials

These sexy hair tutorials were perfect for 2013 and will surely bring us more oooohs and aaaaahs for 2014!


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Favorite First Date Hair tutorials

My favorite hair tutorials for dream dates that will hopefully serve you perfectly in the new year!


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Favorite Short Hair tutorials

Starting the new year with new hair? I love these short hair tutorials, I think we often forget how much we can do we an amazing short do!


 photo shorthair_zps71dbcefd.jpg

Favorite runway frizzy Hair tutorials

These might very well be the best tutorials for tonights festive hair! big frizzy, curly do's to go with the bubbles and sparkles for New Years celebration!


 photo frizzy-5_zps355b3785.jpg

Favorite Fishtail and Waterfall Braid tutorials

The most gorgeous dreamy braids for any occasion and a must for the coming Spring and Summer months!


 photo fishtailandwaterfallbraids-1_zpsc8d98e7a.jpg

Favorite Ponytail tutorials

Because every year is a ponytail year! These ponytail tutorials are just perfect to get those classic, knotted or twisted pony's perfect!


 photo favoriteponytailtutorials_zpscfd61fdb.jpg

Favorite Knotted and Twisted updo tutorials

These tutorials are perfect to transform an everyday do, one of my favorite posts in 2013 and I will happily use these in 2014 too!


 photo twistedbuns-1_zps42ccf818.jpg

Favorite Flower Crown tutorials

No it's no Spring/Summer yet... but I can't help looking forward to with these tutorials ;)


 photo floralcrowns-1_zps44893215.jpg


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