Saturday, March 3, 2012

Top 10 Fashion Blogger Boyfriends {PART 2}


After the Top 10 fashion Blogger boyfriends post it was only a matter of time before a part 2 would be here!

Check out Top 10 Fashion Blogger Boyfriends Part 2 with more of Bloggywood's most notable couples!

and yes, just like last time we continue with the Hollywood couple names; say hello to Scarancé, Randy and Waimee (to name a few)

1) Scott Schuman (Garance Doré)

Scott Schuman is famously known as the Sartorialist and together with always stylish Garance Doré they surely are the Blogspheres Kennedys.

Scott + Garance = Scarancé

2) Johannes Huebl (Olivia Palermo)

There are plenty of reasons for why you and I would like to be Olivia Palermo.. like uhm Johannes Huebl.. 

Johannes + Olivia = Jolivia

3) Manu (the Cherry blossom girl)

2 words: Dream Wedding!
Manu + Alix = Malix (or Manulix)

4) Richard Nicholls (Stylescrapbook)

Finally a photo of Richard! (via vogue gone rogue) Andy's boyfriend!
Bloggywood's nicest Boyfriend!

Richard + Andy = Randy

5) Wes Mason (Song of Style)

It's no surprise at all that Song of Style's Aimee has good taste when it comes to men as well!

Wes + Aimee = Waimee (pronounce like Wommy or Wammy)

6) Janne (5inchandup)


7) Unnamed (Love Aesthetics) 

A seriously stylish couple! Hope we see more of the Boyfriend on the blog as well!! photo by

8) Temoc Gonzalez (Sincerely Jules)

Temoc is the boyfriend with the best sense of humor by far! And a totally nice dude as well! Lucky Jules!

Temoc + Jules = Tules

9) Michael Marrs (Where did u get that)

Another great couple!

Michael + Karen = Maren

10) Dani (Come over to the dark side we have Candy)

Comeovertothedarksidewehavecandyanddani because there are always reasons to make your url even longer :)

Dani + Cindy = Dandy

11) Daniel (The world looks red)

How amazing is this couple and how cute are these photos!

Daniel + Laura = Daura


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