Saturday, September 7, 2013

A RED Valentino surprise

 photo cocorosa-redvalentino-9_zps5a192c22.jpg

Yesterday I woke up to a delicious breakfast with fresh orange juice, delicious croissants and a surprise delivery from Milan! A Valentino surprise! My morning cappuccino went with a beautiful gift bag and inside an exquisitely gorgeous dress! It felt like I had truly woken up like a princess! I love mornings like this!

Thank you Giulia, Valentino and Joey (for the breakfast and photos!)

 photo cocorosa-redvalentino-1_zps78c09370.jpg  photo cocorosa-redvalentino-17_zpsc3648f20.jpg  photo cocorosa-redvalentino-20_zps76142978.jpg  photo cocorosa-redvalentino-18_zps79adb7e6.jpg  photo cocorosa-redvalentino-14_zpsc8e97460.jpg  photo cocorosa-redvalentino-16_zps8483f4d6.jpg  photo cocorosa-redvalentino-15_zps01cad179.jpg  photo cocorosa-redvalentino-8_zpsb1f6edc8.jpg  photo cocorosa-redvalentino-12_zps057e375d.jpg  photo cocorosa-redvalentino-10_zps2df75e1d.jpg  photo cocorosa-redvalentino-11_zpsc314b021.jpg  photo cocorosa-redvalentino-7_zpsee1eef29.jpg  photo cocorosa-redvalentino-4_zps9bad4c87.jpg  photo cocorosa-redvalentino-2_zps7c86d396.jpg


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