Saturday, November 2, 2013

Favorite Ponytail Tutorials

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We simply love Ponytails! Whether they are styled in quick sloppy knots or in a time-staking sophisticated retro-do, the Ponytail is a perfect hair classic to wear with any style! This week I collected my favorite Ponytail tutorials, ranging from bohemian soft knots and twists to sleek and sophisticated dos!

 1) Topsy Tail

A beautiful and very soft topsy tailed pony tail we love!

 photo rachelgilbert-goldwell21web_zpsbcb187d4.jpg

2) 10 ways to style a high Ponytail

This tutorial simply gives your ideas to quickly transform your regular ponytail in 10 new ways!
 photo 1f51453a5408623b620774d276892438_zps3dbc9544.jpg

3) The sleek Low Pony

The sleek Ponytail is true classic and we absolutely love this tutorial!

 photo a8d3ffce5c053d457a30b854fd5a4cb7_zps3134c9c7.jpg

4) '50s Inspired Ponytail

The bouncy vintage vibe Ponytail is one of our favorites!
 photo TBDoldfashionedponytail1_zps2f2e91c4.jpg

5) Knot your average Pony

We adore the knotted ponytail and love this tutorial by the Beauty Department!

 photo tbdknottyknotty1_zps606edc0d.jpg

6) A new Twist

The gorgeous twisted ponytail is yet another classic that we adore!

 photo b037d18506df784a297319e97e42dc4d_zpsdedb01dc.jpg

7) 10 ways to dress up a Ponytail

Not to miss on this list, 10 ways to dress up your Ponytail!

 photo ponytails_zps1b6c3946.jpg

8) Ponytail Twist

Another gorgeous twisted Pony!

 photo side-sweep-ponytail-cupofjo-hair-tutorial--_zps57dbcd01.jpg

9) Knotted Hair Styles

Some more knotted Ponytails not to miss!

 photo r29-knottyjamie-3197-tif_zps894ca904.jpg

10) Knotted Ponytail

Balancing between the vintage pony and the knotted is this gorgeous do!

 photo dc8f46c5c24ca2341a629a2d3900bd73_zps051d3b32.jpg

11) Ponnarikampaus a la Hanneli Mustaparta

Such a must hair do!

 photo 24894e9f3b3c91f5405f5888b410a3c5_zps0c22630d.jpg

12) Twisty Ponytail

We love the braids in this low ponytail!

 photo joyoffashionblog_zps5216e435.jpg

13) Show Pony: 5 Fresh DIY Dos

Very Stylized and sleek are these new DIY do's!

 photo fishtail-425_zpsf1c8b6d9.jpg


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