Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lilac and Greens

 photo cocorosa-lilacandgreen-1_zps932b5841.jpg

A new color combination I'm addicted to! Lilacs and Greens! The chiffon-like top is of course the much seen tropical print form the H&M conscious collection that I loosely tucked in the lilac TopShop jeans. The finishing touch is the transparent green Clutch (seen here)

wearing: TopShop Lilac jeans, H&M conscious top, Zara clutch and sandals

photos by Suz
 photo cocorosa-lilacandgreen-2_zps704f4ec4.jpg  photo cocorosa-lilacandgreen-3_zps312b8a4e.jpg  photo cocorosa-lilacandgreen-5_zps3c623b8a.jpg  photo cocorosa-lilacandgreen-4_zpsa0c966a7.jpg

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