Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Flower Bomb

 photo cocorosa-longflowerdress-2_zps1bd41f1b.jpg
photo by Suz

I'm in a flowery mood lately! Not only my wardrobe became one big floral fest but my apartment too and after a few trips to London and Paris I'm enjoying a little bit of quality time hanging out with friends and getting my apartment heavenly Spring-ish decorated! I love wearing long dresses, it's such an easy wear and although sticking mostly with a very soft color palette I'm totally comfortable wearing bold colors and prints too, a nice little break from pastels ;)

wearing a Derhy dress and Zara sandals

P.S : I'm still taking part in Vanity Fair's Best Dressed Challenge, check out this link to Vote :D

 photo cocorosa-longflowerdress-4_zps569123c6.jpg  photo cocorosa-longflowerdress-8_zpsdd85c4e7.jpg  photo cocorosa-longflowerdress-6_zps6240b6af.jpg  photo cocorosa-longflowerdress-9_zpsf8b0503f.jpg  photo cocorosa-longflowerdress-10_zpse5953ace.jpg  photo cocorosa-longflowerdress-1_zps84e7dc65.jpg


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