Friday, May 24, 2013

Carrera Craze

 photo carreracraze_zpsc7fa487c.jpg
Images via weheartit and Carrera


I'm loving the Carrera sunglasses! The modern design & strong colors are the Craze design philosophy of the Carrera 2013 sunglasses. These models have a young, feminine allure and polarized glasses, a style inspired by tomorrow’s culture, and serve as a fashion statement for anyone who wears them. I cannot help but get the feel of surfing, fast cars, palm trees and aqua beaches and with the large shape and a vintage yet modern feel in the bright colors such as orange, aqua green and pink the CARRERA 5001 sunglasses are my favorite!

(you can find the sunglasses at Eye Wish Opticiens and in select stores) 

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