Monday, May 13, 2013

Making Monday's ........

 photo cocorosa-lilaclace-13_zps37c67a47.jpg

A very simple yet subtle unexpected Spring look today by wearing the booties with this dress giving a simple dress an unexpected touch and kind of making this a different look by the pop of color on the feet. I just felt like doing something unexpected, makes Monday less of a bore ;)

 photo cocorosa-lilaclace-10_zps86c3a23a.jpg
wearing: H&M lace dress, Mango necklace and Miista boots

 photo cocorosa-lilaclace-15_zpsec61467e.jpg  photo cocorosa-lilaclace-1_zps51a343a1.jpg  photo cocorosa-lilaclace-6_zps4c805565.jpg  photo cocorosa-lilaclace-4_zps897caf42.jpg  photo cocorosa-lilaclace-3_zpse3b530e9.jpg

 photo cocorosa-lilaclace-5_zps6946a791.jpg photo cocorosa-lilaclace-2_zpsafe79337.jpg

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