Thursday, July 18, 2013

Daisy's Girls, Wildfox fall 2013

 photo WILDFOXDAISYSGIRLS-6_zps3013e65e.jpg

Wildfox Great Gatsby inspired lookbook (full lookbook here)
I can't wait for some of these T-Shirts!

 photo WILDFOXDAISYSGIRLS-16_zps922fc52d.jpg  photo WILDFOXDAISYSGIRLS-28_zps1b822ebd.jpg  photo WILDFOXDAISYSGIRLS-33_zpscbeb3a01.jpg  photo WILDFOXDAISYSGIRLS-35_zpsc30cdfb1.jpg  photo WILDFOXDAISYSGIRLS-70_zpsbd3ffde9.jpg  photo WILDFOXDAISYSGIRLS-71_zps1ba31ca6.jpg

Photos by Mark Hunter & Stephen Meirs
Production and photo edit by Kimberley Gordon
Makeup by Carlene K
Hair by Tyron Dupre & Anna Lee Fiorino
Styling by Kimberley Gordon, Meredith Leyerzaph
               Emily Siegel & Janell Shirtcliff
WILDFOX TEAM Aurora Rivera, Megan Feely

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