Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sky High

 photo cocorosa-nike-wmnsdunkskyhi-4_zpsfe0a82f7.jpg

You don't have to follow every trend because sometimes there are just trends that are not very "you" That's what I had with the wedge sneakers... until that is... I did saw the Nike's Dunk Ski High's before in White Mesh (I'm loving the Black Mesh too) and had to admit I liked them but still considered them to be nothing for me. The other day I tried them on, just to give it a go... and wow, I really really loved them seeing them on! I think this is a trend that somehow needs to suit you. The moment I tried them on I imagined them wearing long length dresses, short dresses and shorts! I really say give them a try and you might love them the way I do and then some!
(You can find them online at Nike, oh different countries/continents have different colors, prints etc!)

 photo cocorosa-nike-wmnsdunkskyhi-6_zps5b90f0a5.jpg  photo cocorosa-nike-wmnsdunkskyhi-1_zps6e4207f5.jpg  photo cocorosa-nike-wmnsdunkskyhi-3_zps32c48e65.jpg


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