Monday, July 8, 2013

I'm welcoming myself to the world of prints

 photo cocorosa-dottedress-3_zpsbdb0530d.jpg

Normally I'm not the first girl that comes to mind when you think of looks consisting prints but I gave it a go! The print is a textured burgundy red and grayish blue dots on a beige/camel undertone so the dress eyes sometimes brownish and sometimes a burgundy red and this color works actually beautifully on very light hair and even very light skin! The dress has a textured fabric which makes it very autumn proof too, and yes it was on sale in the Zara, honestly its a dress you wouldn't look twice at on the hanger but I'm so happy I gave it a try! I didn't try it on in the store which I should have because it's pretty imposible to zip-up on your own since it runs small! More prints for me and more of burgundy too, I have made up my mind!

 photo cocorosa-dottedress-4_zps54bfc75a.jpg  photo cocorosa-dottedress-6_zps46f4ffd8.jpg  photo cocorosa-dottedress-1_zps8f0b104e.jpg  photo cocorosa-dottedress-5_zps746ce603.jpg  photo cocorosa-dottedress-9_zps9d4938ef.jpg  photo cocorosa-dottedress-8_zps4ee96020.jpg

 photo cocorosa-dottedress-7_zpscc94c6e4.jpg


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