Wednesday, August 21, 2013

London StreetStyle by Alice Point

 photo 8918510004_a639c872a9_o_zpsd9fea57e.jpg
London StreetStyle photographed by Alice Point for MIISTA

Oh yes, there is another reason (besides shoes) to hop over to and that is StreetStyle photography! Alice from the blog AlicePoint roams weekly, sometimes daily through the London streets to capture some of the best looks London has to offer for the Miista blog! I'm such a fan of her photography and the looks she captures! 

 photo 9376846789_8881a855e9_o_zpsac99cbae.jpg  photo 9273188876_b9e98ccf11_o_zps7aefa6a3.jpg  photo 9052703588_b82ef1b48b_o_zps7013484e.jpg


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