Saturday, March 16, 2013

Favorite Short Hair Tutorials

photos by pinterest

There is a reason why we see so many Hollywood starlets with short and medium hair styles, short styles just tend to frame the face beautifully and easily add extra allure but.... short hair might easily look flab instead of fab. Pulling off short locks is all about styling, products, curl iron, flat iron and a touch of dare! This week I collected my favorite short hair tutorials!
(and for long hair these tutorials give such a good base for working with layered locks and bangs)

1) {DIY} Curly Locks

Kelly's "DIY Curly Locks" is one of the best tutorials for short hair! The tutorial starts with an "before" picture and guides easily trough all the steps! Not only is this tutorial a must for short and medium hair but in my book a must for layered longer hair as well!


2) Perfect curls for short hair

This video is another short hair must! The curls add so much flair and volume to a simple cut! I often watch the video for inspiration (and guidance) for my bang section while having long hair!


3) Short hair flair

Modcloth's tutorial on adding curls to a really short cut is a true little gem!


4) Braiding short hair

A very lovely tutorial on braiding short hair by the Beauty Department!


5) Kiss Kiss Bangs

This tutorial shows us just how easy it is to actually add some length to short hair!


6) Chic Updo

An updo just about as perfect as it can get for short/medium hair! I just love knots and sophisticated yet somewhat tousled updo's and this one is just a beauty!



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