Saturday, January 28, 2012

Top 10 Fashion Blogger Foodies

photo: Annabel from Blushing Ambition

Today's TOP 10 is all about Fashion and Food or should I say where Fashion meets Food? While some Fashion bloggers like to bake (and do so amazingly well), others just like to eat(and do so amazingly as well)

And do note that some of these blogs do read like a delicate dessert, a fresh salad an dedicated appetizer, entree or are plainly put a real main course! makes me really wonder which wines would go best with these blogs..

1) Cupcakes&Cashmere

A cherry on top, Emily's recipes look both tasty and delicious as do her many fashion finds!

Cupcakes&Cashmere would go wonderfully with a desert wine.

2) That's Chic

Rachel's "Tasty Tuesday's" say it all :)

Brunch, yes?, great refreshments would be sparkling water or Mimosa's.

3) Park&Cube

Shini's photos are mouth-watering and I love her food plate faces!

I choose Park&Cube to be my Hors d'Oeuvre with a Morgon, Beaujolais.

4) Luxirare

Yes, Killer clothes and Fine Cuisine indeed!(It's actually kind of Haute Cuisine)

This Main course goes perfectly with a Soave Classico Prà

5) A Beautiful Mess

I really love how the food presentation fits the fashion and the fashion fits the food! Amazing recipes as well!

Tiny deserts, and you know what, they are sometimes really delicious with Milk! 

6) Homerun Ballerina

One of my personal favorites! This indie sweetheart is a pastry chef with a an amazing personal style and yes (yum yum) recipes!

A multiple course blog suited for Sémillon

7)Blushing Ambition

The amount of Hamburgers and french fries on this blog are Epic!
(hence my choice for Annabel in a mustard colored skirt.. matching the burgers, yes) plus no need to say that Annabel's looks and outfits are looking delish as well!

Refreshments advised are milkshakes and Soda's.

8) Swank Heights

New Orleans food + Style. I adore Juley's style and love her New Orleans food (and food packaging!!) musings!

Read with a Bordeaux.

9) Lookbook Cookbook

Awesome lookbook-ish presentations of recipes!

Coconut Milk, yes?

10) Blonder Ambitions

I really love Kiki's "visual inspiration" collages of home decor, food and fashion!

Nice with a Cinnamon Frappuccino!


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