Thursday, February 6, 2014

What's in the Box

 photo cocorosa-rigabelle1-7_zps650f6786.jpg

A few days ago I woke up to a beautiful ribboned box from Rigabelle. I love surprise gifts and surprise gifting, I love the feeling of excitement and that funny terrified feeling at the same time, not knowing what to find inside. It's the magic of a surprise. Since I'm often on the go I started to gift through online gift sites more and more, flowers, cakes and gifts for birthdays, births and just because ;) I think the presentation of gifts is so important since hardly anything beats a gorgeous ribboned treasure and that's one of the main reasons I love gifting sites so much! Rigabelle keeps the surprise a surprise on both ends, you fill in a questionnaire and they will create a beautifully customized gift box like mine. For my box I filled in; Fashion, light pink, light blue, glamorous and slightly romantic and I loved what I got. The DKNY purse is perfect, light pink, gold details and can be worn as a cross body! The teddy bear is so cute and it added a personal feel, touch and sweetness to the box.

 photo cocorosa-rigabelle1-8_zps177062f4.jpg  photo cocorosa-rigabelle1-5_zps088a055a.jpg  photo cocorosa-rigabelle1-6_zps3cb7f47f.jpg  photo cocorosa-rigabelle1-3_zpsf3323298.jpg  photo cocorosa-rigabelle1-4_zpsb02bf1bc.jpg  photo cocorosa-rigabelle1-1_zpsb10ec7e9.jpg  photo cocorosa-rigabelle1-2_zps77086495.jpg  photo cocorosa-rigabelle1-10_zps6dfae821.jpg  photo cocorosa-rigabelle1-9_zps0906cf2d.jpg

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