Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DIY Prada skirt in progress

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I'm in love with the Prada relief-yellow-rose print skirt so I gave it a first try ;)

First I dyed a skirt in a very soft pink, then I painted "impressionistic" roses (I tried to capture loosely the silhouette) with textile dye! (mixing the dye with water got the best results!) and after it I went for the yellow roses, using heavy body acrylic paint that I mixed with a textile medium for screen-printing. With lots of effort I managed to get the paint in a syringe-like tube so I could draw the roses out of loose hand.. clearly some roses look better then others haha :)the roses took about 1 week to dry!

I like the effect but what I really want are more puffy-foam-ey roses so I'm looking for another medium! I'm pretty sure I once worked with a puffy-foam paint (It looked very synthetic) for screen-printing but I have no-idea yet where to find it.. I think I might visit the printing-workplace at my old art-school to ask! (I will keep you updated!)



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