Saturday, July 21, 2012

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers ~the Menswear blogs~

(photo katelovesme  by Alexandra Pereira)

Today's Fashion Blogger Top 10 is all about the Menswear bloggers, and yes! the guys post outfits as well! And for those not interested in Menswear; you better think twice since trends are often way more universal then we think and there is amazing style inspiration to gain especially for Womenswear!

Check out today's Top 10!

1) Bryan Boy

All should know Bryan Boy, who's probably the most famous Menswear blogger amongst us!

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2) Kate Loves Me

My personal favorite since I strongly feel that the outfits and inspiration on this blog apply very well to all other fashion/art related sections ~yes that is Womenswear~ as well! A true trend setter. He gets everything right!


3) I am Galla

Amazing outfits, photos and dude! A great Menswear blog that needs adding to the list!


4) Dapper Lou

Brooklyn, New York native Lougè Delcy sports some serious style and his blog injects some serious and much needed New York flavor!

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5) Mode Man

Another Menswear must follow blog, and we all know Daniel of course! ;)


6) Jan Marcel

Great blog by Michiel Steur, with a daily dose of Menswear, Outfits, Interviews and Reporting. Also my inspiration for making this weeks list!  After hanging out with Michiel at Fashion week I of course got the "brilliant idea" of doing a menswear Top 10 :)


7) the Three f

No list would ever be perfect without some Italian representation! Filippo Fiora shows us amazing outfits and style from Milano!


8) Cup of Couple

Couple Style blogs are always the best!

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9) Tony Stone

And no list would ever be complete without a serious edge!


10) Comme Des Leroi

Dutch Menswear blogger really is familiar with the fashion industry and his Menswear reporting really do read like a Magazine. It's great to see Menswear bloggers taking over magazine Covers!

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11) Juan Cocco

Last but not least Juan Cocco! Although the blog is no longer updated it was a blog I loved to follow and (luckily) still has plenty of back-posts to read with loads of inspiration!
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