Saturday, February 9, 2013

Favorite Valentine's Day Tutorials

photo by Celebrating everyday Life

A few more days and it will be Valentine's Day! After last weeks favorite Red Lip Tutorials (already a bit valentine infused) I top it off this week with my favorite tutorials for the day itself! I couldn't help but including mostly foodies but I wouldn't be me if I hadn't found that perfect Valentine's hairdo to complete the list!

1) Valentine Whoopie Pies

3 words: Vanilla Buttercream Filling! Who doesn't love Whoopie Pies? and isn't Valentine the best time ever to warm up your heart and tummy?


2) Martha Stewart Ginormous Valentine

This big heart shaped snack box just made me crush and blush.. it's such a great idea to present candy and snacks alike to guests.. boyfriend.. oh hell.. boyfriends (I wouldn't judge) I just love this tutorial!


3) Origami Love Notes

It looks complicated.. and there is a lot of writing. I bet it is complicated but the result is amazing.. Origami hearts to scribble love notes on or just to decorate. How sweet are these? and not only for Valentine!


4) A Cookie Valentine Tutorial

These heart-shaped snacks make for the most adorable presentation ever!


5) I Love You Pancakes

Apparently I talk in my sleep and say things such as; "I love you pancakes" 
But seriously how about these for breakfast? Heart-Shaped pancakes as a day starter? hmmm...


6) Heart Shaped Paper Clips

Such an easy cute DIY to give a little bit of love to all your paperwork!


7) Valentines Day Pizzas

This is just bloody brilliant! Valentines Day Pizzas! Heart Shaped of course.. look at that!


8) Frozen Whipping Cream Hearts

I just love detailing in presentation of food and beverages. Playing with food in a way ;)


9) Valentine Hairdo

This is such an ingenious and subtle way of adding a heart shape to a hairdo! Plus perfect for everyday and not only for Valentine's day!



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