Saturday, February 2, 2013

Favorite Red Lip Tutorials

images via weheartit

Maybe it's because Valentine's Day is right around the corner or maybe it's just because nothing adds that hint of fab when feeling flab, a dash of red instantly revives any look. Feeling washed out when tired? add a bold red lip to be dashing! Today's tutorials are some of my favorites when it comes to mastering that perfect long lasting lip and are very similar in a way and different in the tiny details, best is to try which one works best for you!

1) How To Make Your Lip Color Last For Hours

A lovely and easy to follow tutorial with photos explaining us step by step how to get those perfect long lasting Red Lips!


2) Ingenious lipstick tips from MAC's Nicole Thompson

Nicole Thompson's lipstick tips are an easy read, I got really curious about the MAC Lip Conditioner and exited about defining the cupid bow!


3) POW Right in the Kisser!

These Bold Red Lip tips start with a handy introduction about finding the right shade of Red for your complexion and move from there to the different steps for perfect ruby red kissy lips!


4) Everlasting Love

Leave it up to the Beauty Department to come with another perfect tutorial!


5) Perfect Bold Lips

I added this tutorial especially for the last tip about finishing the lip with long lasting gloss or setting it with make-up setting spray!



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