Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Feel Good Food


I'm a lover of of all things that make me feel good, my favorite time of the day is when I can wind down, cuddling up the couch with coffee, cookies and chocolate, doing my nails and watching movies during the evenings or weekend mornings. My new feel good, cozy, comfort food is a combination of my favorites; Lu- and Tuc Cookies and Milka chocolate! The Tuc Cookies add some salt to the sweet chocolate flavor which makes for such a great surprise while the Lu Milka Bars give me that typical Cookie-Chocolate taste that I love so much and which goes so well with that big bowl of Vanilla Ice Cream ;)

You should really try it yourself! Drop me a comment below and I might sent you one of Milka's Lu or Tuc bars  for you to try out! (see it as a belated Valentine's gift)

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