Thursday, June 20, 2013

A fluttering tease

 photo cocorosa-longdress-2_zps25984ac8.jpg

I love white dresses in Spring/Summer but... yes... the sun loves white dresses too hahahaha
I always wear bikini's underneath, to keep the see-through as... well... as decent as possible, the see-through mostly comes from the back-light and because of the abundance of fabric in a long length dress like this it's mostly just a fluttering tease instead of really being see-through... I call this dress my "single-no-more-dress" as a joke of course ;)

photos by Suz
wearing: Zara (belted) Long capelet dress, Zara sandals and belt, Asos and H&M cuffs, Mango necklace.

 photo cocorosa-longdress-1_zpsac65a64c.jpg

 photo cocorosa-longdress-3_zpsd3c807d9.jpg  photo cocorosa-longdress-7_zps5658adf6.jpg

 photo cocorosa-longdress-5_zpsecc32f20.jpg

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