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Top 10 Fashion Bloggers from LA

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photo by FashionToast

After the Top 10 Fashion Bloggers lists from Paris, New York, Spain and London it was time to list my favorite bloggers from the West Coast, California and of course most of all LA! This is a power list, there is no way around it! Most of my favorite LA bloggers are well know, maybe some of them not so much. It is no surprise that a City like LA brings us some of the most fashion forward girls or attracts some of the most stylish people for that matter and for that alone it is a very import City to watch! These bloggers represent a little bit more then Fashion, they represent California!

1) Fashion Toast 

We start this list with Rumi for all the above mentions!

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2) Karla's Closet 

Another high profile blogger representing the West Coast! Karla's blog is an absolute must read!

 photo kelly3_zps60b6eeb3.jpg

3) Song of Style

Aimee's style seems to be a perfect mix like the City of LA itself and keeps being an amazing inspiration!

 photo 5_zpsc0f6a30c.jpg

4) Peace, Love, Shea

Blogging from Hollywood, Shea Marie brings so much more then just her lush looks and amazing fashion sense her photos are amazing, and for many she's the closest thing to Hollywood itself!

 photo awang7_zps66875cb0.jpg

5) Sincerely Jules

Thinking about LA I think about Jules!

 photo bisfor_zps583cda43.jpg

6) Lust for Life

Another blogger that shows us a perfect peek into the Cali life is Olivia!

 photo 8781656188_77f2f6844e_b_zps2e64bb39.jpg

7) Late Afternoon

What I love about Liz is that her blog feels homey and easy while still living in a metropol and with that it gives me such a different glimpse of the West Coast!

 photo red_truck_4_zps00486290.jpg

8) That's Chic

Reading Rachel's blog I always feel like I'm exploring the little cute alleys of a big Urban Area! Her style and blog have many many gems and it's always a pleasure to read and most of all a great inspiration!

 photo raych-1_zpscd3839ff.jpg

9) the Christelle Factor

Thinking about the glamour, glitter and gloss only one blog truly comes in mind!

 photo Chriselle_wayfr_nordstrom_topshop_celine_necklace_chriselle_lim_zara_pencil_skirt_TheChriselleFactor_2-700x1050_zps171212d1.jpg

10) Snakes Nest

Bethany's style perfect and for me one of my LA must reads!

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11) Stop it right now

One of the most fashion forward and creative west coast bloggers!

 photo 0520131ab_zps73c55570.jpg

12) the Stylish Wanderer

Another perfect peek into California life and style!

 photo IMG_6128_zps0be422d5.jpg

13) Neon Blush

Another Cali go-to blog for me is Jenny's blog!

 photo NeonBlush-Athletica-Minima-1_zpsf9d81722.jpg

14) Jazzi McG

We just love Jazzi and always look forward to her posts and musings!

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15) What is reality anyway?

One of my absolute must read West Coast blogs is Krystal's blog!

 photo Krystal_Simpson_Robin_Black_BeautyIsBoring_model_beauty_makeup_01_zps63eb3e93.jpg

16) Viva Luxury

And last but not least is one of my new reads that I'm a bit addicted to!

 photo vivaluxury_blog_annabelle_fleur_zpsab7c39c1.jpg


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