Sunday, June 30, 2013

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers from Stockholm

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photo via Kenza

Last week I showed you the Top 10 Fashion Bloggers Cities and Countries Recap and one missing City was of course Stockholm! Stockholm is well known for it's Street Style and for a reason! The beautiful Swedes have a truly magnificent and well know sense of style but that doesn't stop the Stockholm Fashion Bloggers to simply do what they love to do, with some really influencing and masterminding these very popular Swedish looks and others showcasing as easily something totally different! Hope you enjoy this weeks Top 10 Fashion Bloggers from Stockholm!

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1) Kenza

No need to say we start this list with super gorgeous Kenza! Really a must read!

 photo IMG_0432_zps9f199ca7.jpg

2) Style by Kling

Another well know Stockholm blogger is Elin of course! I am such a big fan of her looks and style!

 photo DSC_0190-596x779_zpsc8739bcb.jpg

3) Fashion Squad

A very international blogger is Carolina and while she just moved to New York this list wouldn't be complete without her!

 photo carolina-engman-alexis-dress_zps154d3afe.jpg

4) Carolines Mode

Very important are of course Caroline and yes Stockholm Street Style!

 photo 296010_zpsed1fdb5b.jpg

5) Angelica Blick

Angelica has become a daily read! I'm simply addicted to her looks!

 photo IMG_62342-1024x761_zpsa6f0c6d5.jpg

6) Columbine Smille

Another Swedish beauty with a magnificent sense of style, Stockholm style!

 photo Outfit16juni_zps1192d725.jpg

7) Fanny Lyckman

A new read of mine is Fanny, this super gorgeous girl sports some amazing looks and photos!

 photo Fannylyckman_99ballons4_zpse62d8e18.jpg

8) Amanda Berg

I'm a big big fan of Amanda's blog, attitude and looks!

 photo outfit1_zps2caaed16.jpg

9) Caroline

Another new read of mine is Caroline and for those who don't know her yet I'm sure you will love her as much as I do!

 photo yoo_zps29644aef.jpg

10) Fanny Staaf

Fanny's natural beauty is so pleasant to look at and I love her looks!
 photo Outfits-Juni-20131-kopia-750x559_zps6cac2f95.jpg


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