Saturday, December 17, 2011

Top 10 Fashion Blogger Winter Wonderlands

With only a few days left and no snow I really needed something to get me into the Holiday spirit!!

So what better way to get the season jingles then to curl up on the couch in flannel pajamas with hot chocolate milk and to dream away?

Check out this weeks Top 10 Fashion Blogger Winter Wonderlands!

1) The Cherry Blossom Girl

These photos are absolutely beautiful and her shots of New York make me miss the city so much!

2) Wish Wish Wish

Aww this little squirrel..(I say we should name him babbity rabbity)

Carrie's photo's are just stunningly heart warming...

3) Eleonore Bridge

Although I'm normally really a "pastel" girl, when it comes to the Holiday season I'm all about bright bold colors.. and glitters..lots of glitters...

I hope that when I get my invitation for Hogwarts School of Wizardry me and Eleonore will become best friends and top of our year... hope we will make the Quidditch team as well...

4) Park&Cube

Beautiful photos and colors, these outfit details are a wonderland on their own.

5) The Glamourai

Aww little bunny in the snow :) cutest dog ever!

6) Le Blog de Betty

Sometimes it only takes a little to create a Winter Wonderland feel... writings in the snow... A snow queen tiara and bright colored snow boots..

7) Honey Bunny Wonderland

Snow, Reindeer knits, Red Ribbons, a Red Winter Coat and Christmas Markets = Love


Snow, knits, candles, snowy landscapes, ribbons, cookies, coffee, cupcakes and a tree.... Oh did I mention that these photos make me want to move to the country side?!

9) Kertiii

Beautiful photos, really a Winter Wonderland.

10) Sea of Shoes

Texas snow!!

11) the Magpie Girl

Vicki's blog is a wonderland! and Northern Ireland's countryside covered in snow is pure bliss! 

(I'm so happy I discovered this blog because Vicki seems like a real sweetheart)



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