Thursday, August 23, 2012

Forget Band Tee's...


...because Protest is the new Black! I had a little search on the internet to find the most fashionable tee's!

1) WWF, the Panda Tee's come in really good colors that blend in perfectly with the army jackets/ olive green trend! plus the WWF vintage collection is really worth checking out as well! 

2) The Sea Shepherd tee's is a perfect substitute for any other skull tee plus it comes with the "little" extra of saving Whales! Also this tee would be amazing for diy's!

3) This pastel with yellow Free Pussy Riot tee goes with about everything plus comes with a "freedom of speech" extra!

4) Amnesty International's CBGB Pussy Riot Tee comes really close to actually being a band tee, being designed by CBGB!

5) Looking really more aggressive and edgy this Peta tank would make an amazing diy as well by adding chains along the arm and neckline! Peta has a lot of pastel t-shirts and even cropped tops as well!

6) The Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian Tee is here to stop the killing of Dolphins in Japan! Has anyone seen the documentary "the Cove"? I couldn't believe my eyes when seeing it and still can't believe it's still happening today!


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