Monday, April 15, 2013

OUTFIT: Like the Classics

 photo cocorosa-romanticclassics-1_zps8071ba4f.jpg

I always get so inspired by City's like Paris and it's more then beautiful architecture! To me it feels like the perfect backdrop for floating fabrics and lush heels! And why not? When in Paris it alway's feels like a dream, like wondering through classic movies! I am one of those people that like to dress how I feel ;)

wearing: Zara heels and a H&M customized/tweaked dress

 photo cocorosa-romanticclassics-15_zpsf14eeea6.jpg  photo cocorosa-romanticclassics-7_zpsa749abb3.jpg  photo cocorosa-romanticclassics-2_zps3d1b6af1.jpg  photo cocorosa-romanticclassics-8_zps44ee9bcf.jpg  photo cocorosa-romanticclassics-5_zps3de1ecc7.jpg  photo cocorosa-romanticclassics-17_zpsfca0febb.jpg


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