Monday, April 1, 2013

OUTFIT: Whites and Neon

 photo cocorosa-neonandwhite-4_zpsbd7e8a4a.jpg

Happy Easter everyone!
I'm still playing with the whole "Sporty Chic" idea, this time combining the pops of neon with white soft floaty and somewhat cozy whites (basically a similar look as this but different because of the sporty touch)  I'm waiting for the H&M conscious exclusive collection to hit stores because I'm drooling over some of the pieces, hopefully I will get lucky since I will be travelling tomorrow, fingers crossed!

wearing: H&M trend jumper, Zara trousers, Mango necklace, Neon Nike's

photo's by: fashion is a party

 photo cocorosa-neonandwhite-3_zpsb9560ebf.jpg  photo cocorosa-neonandwhite-6_zps9adb3877.jpg  photo cocorosa-neonandwhite-7_zpsd1771ef6.jpg  photo cocorosa-neonandwhite-8_zps423d91fe.jpg  photo cocorosa-neonandwhite-9_zpsae65745e.jpg

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