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Top 10 Fashion Blogger Photography

 photo 8113908047_d03824229f_o_zps9f71a48f.jpg
photo by WishWishWish

After last weeks Spring recap this weeks Fashion Blogger Top 10 is all about Photography! It's all about the Fashion Bloggers and their styles (and influence) in photography and editing to be precise! Different lenses, camera's and editing is only a little bit, we have storytellers, bloggers who capture daily life like most of us would wish to see in dreams, alluring editorials that read like glamourous magazines, edgy shots that are bold and daring, creative fun and gritty realism, all of these bloggers have their own very distinctive styles!

Hope you enjoy this week's Fashion Blogger Top 10!

1) Fashion Toast

It only seems right to start this list off with Fashion Toast!
Rumi's (and Colin's) very distinctive and appealing style in photography and editing is very well known and the shots never fail to amaze!

 photo redsands3_zps272721ae.jpg  photo iphone_phillip_lim_peplum_zpsebfdad51.jpg  photo twigz1_zpsa8cc5808.jpg  photo mb2_zps9794f5f3.jpg

2) the Glamourai

Whether the photos are being taken by jamie Beck, Mark, Jeremy James or someone else the photos are.. yes, very Glamorous! and that's why we love them so much!
 photo BigWheel3-750x600_zps99732a16.jpg  photo Paris113-750x1125_zpsb9246add.jpg  photo Trouble-750x600_zps54aa79d0.jpg  photo PulledBack-750x600_zps8ea861d6.jpg  photo Marrakech_zps0f2b1ebc.jpg

3) StyleHeroine 

Rising very quickly on the radar is Evangelie because sometimes one photo is just enough!

 photo MG_8563_zpsb2db724e.jpg

4) sea of Shoes

Her lush red hair and endless shoes are not her only signature! The photography is stunning just like Jane!

 photo 6a00d8345282b769e2017d4248c44e970c-700wi_zpsa842a069.jpg  photo 6a00d8345282b769e2017ee9e05800970d-700wi_zpsc021b731.jpg  photo 6a00d8345282b769e2017ee9bcb391970d-700wi_zpsdc855110.jpg  photo 6a00d8345282b769e2017d42891b40970c-700wi_zps881d6f07.jpg

5) the Cherry Blossom Girl

Alix is quite the storyteller and her powdery soft photos are heavenly! Not only we peek in regularly for the softness but the beautiful saturation in her photos makes our hearts beat a little bit faster too.

 photo Carven-Paris-04_zps1c0e7aee.jpg  photo True-Colors-05_zps0d8d915f.jpg  photo True-Colors-09_zpsa7731dca.jpg  photo Mexico-City-27_zps44a176d7.jpg

6) WishWishWish

Another master Storyteller is Carrie! her glowing photos are gorgeous and have that perfect balance between lightness and a dreamy vintage feel!

 photo 3377ad7f647bef82bcce6959ce602ad3_zps2f2c2a7a.jpg  photo 7694293056_2bf35e8951_b_zpsdcaf7f28.jpg  photo 7448559262_7d4166abd1_b_zpsff9d3179.jpg  photo 7788508974_b7e89b5844_b_zps6b6bb36e.jpg

7) Eleonore Bridge

Yet another Storyteller! Eleonore's colors are always perfect and her blog reads like a book!

 photo sac-24h-darel-21-728x728_zpse9747ff6.jpg  photo samovar-tea-set-1-728x485_zps94376fd3.jpg  photo paris-8_zpsee9881b7.jpg  photo paris-10_zpsd7379c4d.jpg

8) Gary Pepper

Nicole's photo's are like perfect editorials! Her blog is a true color and glamour fest and gives us that magazine feel!

 photo Marcs-1_zps4ce11d0e.jpg  photo nicolewarne_clutch1_zps68cf8d5d.jpg  photo field2_zpsb5374ec1.jpg  photo goot8_zps99e82133.jpg  photo zimermann11_zpsb2c80866.jpg

9) Park&Cube

Shini has a very distinctive style and her photos are well known to be amazing!

 photo ParkandCube_KurtGeigerElla_071_zps00e9bc57.jpg  photo ParknCube_UniqlooksMarch13_03_zps31895439.jpg  photo ParknCube_LondonSpring_19_zps47867c98.jpg

10) Zanita

Our golden child when it comes to photography! Lately her style and influence seems to be seen  everywhere and we love to see her in front of the camera as much as behind!

 photo Outfit-59a_zps6f067fbe.jpg

11) Kayture

Kristina's alluring photo's are editorial and and her blog surely reads like a magazine!

 photo IMG_9826_zpsc20e1a10.jpg  photo KTR_6746_zpse33cc16c.jpg  photo KTR_6512_zps87422365.jpg  photo KTR_5476_zps48e1b1df.jpg

12) Alice Point

Alice her photo's are more edgy and the backdrops always seem perfect and never boring! Her shots have that killer surprise and very own style!

 photo 8552221991_2a25c3d163_b_zpsd00919c5.jpg

13) The PvhH Journal

Paola is a creative Gem, talented in many ways and her blog is a mixture of everything creative! Her photography is right on point with very pleasant surprises!

 photo PvdH-Blue-Silk-Pants-2-850x1190_zpsc61cf4bd.jpg  photo PvdH-Blue-Silk-Pants-1-850x566_zpse0642ca6.jpg

14) Make my Lemonade

Another very talented creative Gem! Lisa shows us her very very distinctive style, diy's and World! her outfits and photography through animated gif's are amazing and fun and we have quickly become regulars on her blog! A must see!

 photo tutu2-682x1024_zps0c7d7feb.gif

15) Froufrouu

Last but certainly not least our other golden child; Nadia! Nadia's gritty dark photos are well publicized and as praised as her looks!

 photo 1-IMG_8s438_zpsc6345fbe.jpg  photo 1-IMG_8445w-2w_zps7de849c9.jpg


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