Thursday, April 25, 2013

Magic and Story Telling

 photo timwalker-18_zps95d5f30c.jpg

 photo timwalker-17_zps414450e5.jpg  photo timwalker-16_zps814b7010.jpg  photo timwalker-4_zps725cc605.jpg  photo timwalker-3_zps71626860.jpg  photo timwalker-8_zpsf43b4b7c.jpg  photo timwalker-5_zps92b00605.jpg  photo timwalker-23_zpsf48372aa.jpg  photo timwalker-22_zpsb811a8e6.jpg

Tim Walker of course! 
and this has been exactly my mood as of late! It's like I want a touch of magic in whatever I wear and soft lilacs and lush greens mixed with creamy whites, tropical brights and brocade golds have been on my mind non stop! Tim Walker's work is not only airy beautiful but has a strong contemporary and surrealistic touch too which makes which it all the more interesting inspiration styling wise!


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