Wednesday, April 17, 2013

more Tattoo Inspiration

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Images via weheartit and pinterest

A little while ago I showed you one of my tattoo inspiration collages and secretly I'm contemplating getting another tattoo so I have been looking for inspiration yet again.  I love small tattoo's and I love quotes and words. For me one of the most important things is the placement! At first (and still am a little) I was thinking about getting another hand tattoo, on my finger this time but the truth about hand tattoo's is that they don't stay pretty, they bleed, fade and blur out quickly and horrible and only very rarely they stay nice (the tiny bunny on the finger is totally cute but will be a shapeless blur in no time). I do love tattoo's on the ribcase/sides and love tattoos just under the collarbone too when the placement is absolutely perfect. Right now I'm leaning towards a quote just under the collarbone but I will think about it some more.


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